Day 21

Today, I hit the trail again. It was cool and cloudy and I was ready to be moving.

Early on, I crossed the Fontana Dam. You actually get to walk over it! It was pretty cool, as it is a famous landmark.

Right after that, I entered Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

I dropped my permit in the permit box and started climbing up. Most of the hike was in fog and around lunch time it started to rain, the wind picked up and the temperature went down.

My socks and shoes were soaked. From the rain and melting slush from the big snow storm the other day.

I was 5 minutes away from Mollies Ridge Shelter and was thinking of going further, it was already a 13 mile day. Then there was thunder. I was staying at Mollies Ridge, decision made. Entered the shelter and the rains became heavy and so did the hail. The shelter was designed to hold 12, we crammed it with 20 shivering hikers. It was crazy, but no body complained.

Once I got out of my wet clothes and into my sleeping bag, I warmed up well and slept well considering.

4 thoughts on “Day 21

  1. Good decision to stay at Mollies Ridge shelter, out of the rain, sleet and hail. Hope you got some good sleep,”J.’


    1. Slept like a baby, funny enough!

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  2. I am shivering!! Stay warm.


  3. PartAnimal PartMachine March 26, 2018 — 11:52 pm

    Wandering in nature is perhaps the most essential soulcraft practice for contemporary Westerners who have wandered so far from nature… .
    The Wanderer allows plenty of time to roam in wild nature, and roam alone. Maybe you start out on a trail, but if the landscape allows, it won’t be long before you wander off the beaten track. Because you are stalking a surprise, you attend to the world of hunches and feelings and images as much as you do to the landscape.
    … You will get good at wandering, good at allowing your initial agenda to fall away as you pick up new tracks, scents, and possibilities. You will smile softly to yourself over the months and years of wanderings as you notice how you have changed, how you have slowed down inside.
    Through your wanderings, you cultivate a sensibility of wonder and surprise, rekindling the innocence that got buried in your adolescent rush to become somebody in particular. Now you seek to become nobody for a while, to disappear into the woods so that the person you really are might find you.

    Bill Plotkin,“Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented world”

    For the wild – PartAnimalPartMachine


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