Day 5

It was another very windy and cold day up in the mountains with some snow flurries. There were some views today.

Today I got the trail name Pace Car, because I keep a nice steady hiking pace. On the Appalachian Trail people go by their trail name, not birth name. Since the start I have been hiking with Buck and Godzilla.

While hiking in the middle of nowhere, I came across a few fairy houses.

At camp tonight (in Low Gap Shelter) we had a fire with about 6 others who camped around us and we had some laughs. I also made a Ramen Bomb for dinner, which is putting rammen noodles, instant mashed potatotes and a pack of tuna into a zip lock bag with hot water. It has a consistency of concrete and it was filling.

Now to try to get some sleep. It is so windy, it really sounds like being on the runway at a major airport.

8 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Hi, I work with Jess. She told me about your trip and your blog and knew I would enjoy following your journey! Best of luck. It sounds like you have a GREAT attitude to get you through the cold days, windy nights, and long hikes. Enjoy the journey!


    1. Thank you! I wish you the best.


  2. I love the fairy houses!


    1. They were fun to run into.


  3. I am amazed that your photos are as good as they are, considering that they are all taken on your phone.
    Is the tent in the middle your’s? we couldn’t tell. Loved the little houses along the way, wondered if they had any vacancies, catch you later, have a good evening, ear plugs might help you sleep.


    1. No earplugs wanted. It’s nature…


  4. Fairy houses! Clever.


  5. Pace Car is great, but it will never catch on at the office because no one can keep up with you there!
    Keep it steady Jason.

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