Day 19

The snowstorm yesterday was the second biggest of the year for the area. I heard some areas near me received 18 inches of snow.

I hiked down mostly today. It was a easier hike than yesterday for sure. As the saying goes, “The only easy day was yesterday.” Today, the sun was out as I hiked. Lots of ice and some good snow drifts, it was a very beautiful day to hike. Did observe some deer, bobcat, rabbit and mouse tracks in the snow.

On the way down, I caught glimpses of the Fontana Damn. The damn is 480 feet tall and is the tallest in the country, east of the Mississippi River.

I hiked into Fontana Village and will take a zero (no hiking, just rest) tomorrow. Then the next day I will hike across Fontana Damn and into Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

This evening about 10 of us hikers were in the laundry room trying to wash clothes. The lodge had 5 washers, but only one worked. So we all chatted and made the best of it. One guy had a bunch of beer (The lodge messed something up, so he got two free cases) so we all had one or two beverages while chatting and doing laundry.

7 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. I thought of you out on a cold, snowy trail several times today, ‘J.’ Ending up in a warm room with a bunch of guys trying to get laundry done, drinking beer and chatting it up, doesn’t sound half bad in comparison with other options. Glad to hear you got out of the weather! Sharkbait is in Gatlinberg assessing his options.

    I mentioned you and Sharkbait on my blog today, along with your blog-links, in case folks are interested in following your adventures as you head north toward Katahdin. Get warmed up and rested up for the next lap! That’s what zero/nero days are for!

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    1. Thanks Mike! Glad you were able to get outside too. The National Park Service opened the road today from Gatlinberg to the AT at Newfound Gap based on their twitter account. That should open some options for Sharkbait.

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  2. What better way to do laundry, I’m usually cleaning the house at the same time. May have to try it with wine.🤔. Beautiful pictures of the snow in the mountains but might not be the easiest to hike in.

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    1. Just not too much wine, or cleaning may not be completed, which would not be the end of the world. I cleaned my home today, just shook my tent out for a minute.

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      1. Your other house looks perfect, so all is good. Glad you are having a zero, enjoy your day.

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  3. Maybe you can just roll around in the snow to get clean, that’s easier. air dry. i suppose it’s too early for hike naked day. You will have to wait for that. hahaha.

    was the beer as good as friday at the bulldog? we haven’t gone there since your going away party. it’s not the same.

    the snow looked pretty. rough hiking though… good thing for trekking poles!

    thanks for keeping us posted and I hope you continue to have an awesome hike!!!

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    1. I will roll around in it to get clean as best as I can…lol…beer never tastes as good as it does when shared with friends.


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