Day 22

I woke up at Mollies Ridge Shelter and carefully pack up and got out of bed, without stepping on people, they were everywhere. I put my cold, wet socks back on and shoes and got ready to hike. Others were getting ready too.

One of the hikers had his food in a Ursack, which is a Kevlar food bear bag that most tie to a tree, per manufacturer directions. I keep my food up on the best cables, or in a bear box, when not available I hang my food in a tree using the PCT Method. Turns out a bear or some other animal took the guys Ursack during the night and he had no food. The hikers all pitched in and gave him enough food to get to a resupply point.

Hiked all day in the fog, but it was warmer today.

From the rain and melting snow, the trail was literally a creek most of the day. Another day with soaking wet shoes and socks. I get to camp and get my feet out of that wet stuff. I dry my feet, rub them down with hand sanitizer and Gold Bond Medicated Powder. I do this to hopefully prevent trenchfoot. Wet feet also get blisters and other damage more easily.

I made it to Derrick Knob Shelter today. I wanted to go farther, but my wet feet had enough.

I made a few phone calls to loved ones when I had signal. It is hard to find enough cell signal. No complaints, but it is nice to hear a familiar voice from time to time.

1 thought on “Day 22

  1. Glad to hear you made some phone connections -that’s always nice. Warmer days/nights lie ahead!


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