Day 40

Someone please pinch me! The AT is good at giving hikers surprises through the day. I hiked 16.6 miles today.

During the hike came across what I think was a small barn. There were also some old school daffodils, likely planted a long time ago while there was a home there also, which is long gone now. I have seen these only at places where old homes once stood.

Further into the day, hiked down to a great waterfall, Laurel Falls. Took the pack off and sat down and enjoyed the sight, sound and smell of it. The hike out of the canyon was long, hard and sun baked. A hiker named Eskimo hiked with us a part of the day, he is a cool young guy from Alaska.

Hiked along the river on a narrow cliff. Yes, this is a part of the AT.

Someone caught a picture of me walking, just before I fell into the river and was swept downstream a little.

Back up on the ridge, had a nice view of Watauga Lake.

Oh yeah, just kidding about falling into the river. Did not happen. Just felt like taking the picture and playing a prank. Haha

There is a hostel in the area we were going to stop hiking near. So for $20 each, Clipper and I got a two bed private cabin, shower and breakfast for the night at Boots Off Hostel in Hampton, Tennessee. The cabin measures about 8 feet by 8 feet and is not fancy at all, but its clean.

I am two days away from Damascus, Virginia if I push hard. Likely, 3 days away though. I really need to get new shoes there.

14 thoughts on “Day 40

  1. Hi Jason,
    I just wanted you to know that I have been reading all of your comments and am pleasantly surprised how I have been enjoying them and looking forward to them every day! I always knew your were a special young man — but I feel like I have gotten to know you even better by reading your posts and seeing your pictures. Are you aware how well you write and take pictures? I feel like I have been side by side with you just by reading your posts and viewing your pictures. It seems to me that you have quite a few guardian angels following you too! Keep taking good care of yourself.
    Love, Aunt Nancy

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    1. Thanks Nancy! You take care of yourself too. Glad you are my aunt.


  2. Another good day, J. Nice river and waterfall to hike along part of the day!


  3. Gorgeous daffodil and what a great view! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

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  4. Absolutely beautiful. All the miles you’ve put on I’m sure it’s time for new shoes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And a foot massage. Haha


  5. The falls reminds me of how clean & clear the water is, chilled and ready to drink. Nothing better. Enjoy.


  6. That room looks cozy but still bigger than your tent. I love seeing all your flower pictures, and can’t wait to see them here again, but at least I have your orchids to keep me going. Loves

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    1. The orchids know and love you! They all wrote me and stated as much. Loves.


  7. Jess, Chad, Dean and Ryan April 13, 2018 — 3:47 am

    You made me nervous about the falling in the river part. Then I zoomed in on your face in the photo and saw you smiling. Glad you are enjoying the sites in the area. It looks beautiful. Loved the owl the other day.

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  8. As usual some really nice photos! So glad to hear you’re getting along so well on the trail. 400+ miles!!! geez. I see why you need new shoes. It looks pretty rugged. The flowers are really cool, especially the red trillium! I’ve never seen that color before. I can imagine it’s only going to be more beautiful and colorful as spring comes through. That might not ever happen in MN. Turns out we’re getting another week of winter! Can you believe a foot of snow with freezing rain before that? Keep on keepin on and I hope you have lots more fun surprises. 🙂


    1. Thank you. I am glad others enjoy seeing and reading about things. I started the blog mostly for me at the start as a journal. It’s fun to share with others. Last look at my stats, people from 13 countries have looked at it.


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