Day 55

Helped make breakfast this morning with the Woods Hole Hostel staff.

Got on the trail about 9 a.m. The day started of cloudy, gray and foggy. It looked like it might rain for the 4th day in a row, but no rain and it cleared up by afternoon. The weather forecast for the next weeks looks promising.

Had a nice hike today and some nice views.

Hiked 10.4 miles in on the AT and reached a remote road that I had planned to use to hitchhike into Pearisburg, VA to resupply. However, no cars were on it, so I walked almost a mile into town. By the time I ate and resupplied, it was getting late. As a side note, eating town food is so important. A thru hiker cannot carry enough food on the trail, so eating a lot of town food is important. Long distance hiking burns a ton of calories per day. So I just decided to stay at Angels Rest Hostel and have them bring me to the trail for free in the morning. Seemed the best use of time available and food space in the pack.

The next resupply point was listed as being about 97 miles away, but the hostel owner told me about a little one about 75 some miles away, which I appreciate from a weight savings account. I had asked. Hostel owners are a great information resource for the area they are in. They truly care about hikers and will help you, even if you don’t do business with them.

4 thoughts on “Day 55

  1. May you have blue skies in the dayz ahead. Hike on, J.

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  2. Some Nice dry weather would be a welcome change, I suspect those new shoes are broken in already. You mentioned that you helped make breakfast, but you didn’t say what you made.
    I can’t get over the fact that you have traveled 600 miles already.


  3. 75 miles seems like so short a distance with a full tank of gas an mcdonalds along the way, but on foot that’s kind of daunting to consider. You certainly seem to have this figured out! HOpe you have lots more good views.

    Those fun little flowers you took a pic of are called dutchman’s breeches. a neat flower that only lasts a little while in spring and then the flowers and the greens die out for the rest of the year.

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    1. distance, speed and form of travel are interesting things to consider..


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