Day 59

Woke up today, which is a good thing. I have woken up every day of my wonderful life.

Got hiking and climbed up to a high ridge. Had some nice views of course. I passed the 700 mile mark this morning. The ridge climbed up to a landmark known as the Dragons Tooth. I climbed up to to the top of the Dragons Tooth.

The climb down from the tooth and the ridge was a little tricky for just under a mile. Parts of the trail require full mental focus and even then it is tricky. Other parts of the trail are more forgiving.

I have been hearing that a part of the AT just north of me has been closed due to forest fire for a few days. So I hiked 8 miles into Cataba, Virginia. Stopped at a gas station for a pizza and news of the trail. The trail is still closed. Rumors are it may open after 7 p.m. tonight. So I am staying at a hostel tonight, for a shower and hoping the trail is open in the morning. The area impacted was near an iconic area, no hiker wants to miss if they can help it. I am hitting the trail anyways in the morning. In about two days I will take a zero for rest.

6 thoughts on “Day 59

  1. This entire adventure is better than a Huck Finn book!


    1. Hope I do not get sent down river!


  2. The 700 mi mark… sounds like you’ve got about 1/3 of trail completed. Great job, J.


    1. I think your trail name is perfectly suited to you with that pace. Great job!

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  3. Wow, 700 hundred miles you are really on target, despite the cold, snow you had for some time. Hope the trail opens for you, so you don’t miss anything, because if your like me, you would feel like it was the best on the entire trail, and we don’t like missing out. Glad you send the pictures when you are safely down, wouldn’t want to know about it to much ahead of time, however I have seen enough pictures to have concerns, but I know you love that, just keep using your smarts.

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