Day 165

It was a long and challenging day, not reflected in the miles. I hiked 16.7 miles to the Carl Newhall Lean To. I hoped to get a few miles more, but it was not going to happen. I set my tent up at a stealth spot in the area and settled in.

Today the hiking was up and down over a few peaks and with short tight turns and wet rocks and roots from humidity. Extra care is always warranted when surfaces get slick.

The day started out humid and foggy then the skies cleared and the sun came out. The sun was not out for long. I stopped to have lunch on a high exposed ridge near a summit. Clouds started forming and then the sound of thunder approaching. I packed up quick and made speed to get down low and into tree cover. Not long after lightening started shooting through the trees just above me, no thunder sound, more like the hum of a Star Wars light saber or high power electrical transmission line. It was a little freaky…I kept moving lower towards a more safe place.

A number of Southbounders starting out and some section hikers congratulated me early on my hike and wished me well. Nice people around today, like normal. We traded info on our trips and conditions ahead.

My groin and arm pits are chafed up, from yesterdays and today’s wet clothing. I knew I should have hiked in underwear only given conditions, but did not. Hope to get things back to normal. It’s always something on a thru hike.

My large food bag is starting to get a little lighter. It’s never ever really light enough though. I am pretty sure I will never eat the foods I ate on trail at home, ever. It is just calories on the trail and nothing more when it comes to the main foods.

During the night, I opened the tent door to use the finest restroom available. A little while later I was laying down and felt something, a mouse got in. Got it out pretty quick.

78.6 miles to the summit of Kathadin. Keeping focused on the day I am in…mostly. haha

10 thoughts on “Day 165

  1. Some nice photos, J. I esp. liked the one w/ nice access to good flowing, fresh water supply -even had a nearby stone to kneel on, Then the puffy white clouds w/ their shadows on the ground below, and that rocky hillside (trail too I’d guess) with roots running everywhere… some of the trail memories that will always remain -even in my mind. Looking at that rocky hillside, and I just think…the AT 😉

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    1. It would not be the AT without rocks. haha

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      1. True enough, my friend!

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  2. Jessica, Chad, Dean and Ryan August 16, 2018 — 2:35 pm

    Getting sick of the food? I can imagine!!!! Glad you got off that mountain away from the lightning. It sounds scary. I would have screamed like a little girl if a mouse tried to curl up with me.

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  3. Glad you are safe. The trail and the people have been good to you, I am sure that will continue. I love your blogs. You’re quite the inspiration. Lots of positive energy sent your way every day. I haven’t sent too many comments. I rarely ever put stuff on the web but you’re very special. 😊

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  4. Mary Lou Iverson August 16, 2018 — 3:58 pm

    Little mouse friend? Ah, how cute! Bet he was a surprise though. At least it wasn’t a rattlesnake or other such slithery friend. You’re nearing the end of this life journey. I am so proud of you!!! I remember the young lad that filled in the garden in the front yard. Such potential you had then has come to fruition.

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    1. a friend is a friend! haha


  5. Rock on brother, you got this! Some are cheering for you, some are pushing you, some are carrying you. All in all, everyone is behind you! To the summit you must go – Rock on brother!

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