Day 2

Today I hiked from Stover Creek Shelter to Gooch Mountain Shelter. It was a good day and I am grateful for each day.

Very little vegetation is growing in the mountains of Georgia at this point. However, as I was hiking I came upon this sole flower, it was so pretty and striking that it reminded me of my girlfriend instantly.

While sleeping in my tent at night, I was awoken to explosions, 50 caliber machine guns, artillery fire and other noises. It sounded like war. The camp site is in the area where the Army Rangers Mountain School is, where they train the Rangers how to fight in the mountains. Some hikers report seeing people in camoflague quietly moving/hiding in the woods with guns at times.

After/in between war training I heard lots of owls. The most I have heard in any once place actually. It was amazing, as was the dark star filled sky.

5 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Keep your head down dude, keep your eyes on the trail.


  2. What a way to be awoken, bettter move on to a different shelter. Your pictures are beautiful.


  3. Looks amazing, Jason! Thanks for chronicling this. Enjoy it!


    1. Your welcome. I hope you and the family are well.


  4. It’s so pretty, we have bloodroot in the backyard, but it will be months before I get to see it.


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