Day 7 and 8

Today, I woke up a little early to get the day started, even before sunrise.

Hiked down Blue Mountain to Unicoi Gap to catch a shuttle bus into Hiawassi, Georgia for a planned day off the trail for rest at a cheap hiker hotel with the guys I have been hiking with.. In trail talk, I took a “nero,” which means nearly zero trail miles (It was 2.4 miles).

While in town, I had a good bacon cheese burger at a place named Barneys. I walked around a little bit to a few other places. I am making a conscious effort to interact with the locals and get to know them a bit. They also are making efforts to interact with the hikers. One of my goals on this hike was to learn more about people across this country and along the trail. I find if your being genuine that people want to talk and share their story with someone really interested. This holds true on this trip as many open up about their life experience. I may share some of these stories later.

Decided to take Day 8 off also as a zero (0 trail miles). Another days rest never hurts but bad weather was forecasted. Most other hikers are doing the same thing this weekend.

8 thoughts on “Day 7 and 8

  1. I told your mother yesterday that I’ll bet you can’t wait for a burger.


    1. It is true…hiking food keeps ya going, but town food is what ya dream of.


  2. Enjoy your days of rest big brother.


  3. Love the pictures, they are just beautiful.


  4. Wow, already one full week has gone by, Enjoy your time off the trail, looking forward to your next photos, and your next posting.


  5. Very cool to follow your journey Pace Car – keep on a truck’n!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Finally got a chance to catch up on the blog. Glad you are taking the time to share your experiences and the pictures. Great pics and good reading! Keep living life to the fullest!

    Liked by 1 person

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