Day 9

I woke up today and took as shuttle van back to Unicoi Gap and got back on the trail. It felt great to get off pavement in the city.

We had a couple decent size climbs today. We climbed up into the sky and 45 mph winds and snow for a while. It was pretty seeing ice form on trees based on how the winds were blowing. Had to keep moving to try to stay warm. Thru Hiking clothing is a balance between gear weight and safety. Let’s just say all of us hikers were cold, but strong positive thoughts and spirits.

In the middle of nowhere, I came across Lion Heart. He was a trail angel giving out trail magic. He was giving out hot cocoa and various snacks. He lives in the area. It was amazing. Trail Angels are really nice people who just do nice things for hikers because they want to see the hikers succeed. Think along the lines of random acts of kindness. It was amazing. I thanked him a few times. He was freezing his butt off too, but there he was.

The snow ended and the skies cleared late in the day. The cold wind is still howling like an angry poltergist.

Made it to camp at Deep Gap Shelter after the 14 mile hike. Had a fire, while preparing dinner. Fire on nights like this goes beyond a luxury, but it is still a place where the hikers gather and talk.

I am greatful for my life, my family and friends. People on the trail of all ages and walks of life are so friendly and kind. If people don’t know you, they say hi and start a conversation. If trail life can be like this, I hope it can extend to other parts of life in civilization.

13 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. I love that you came across the trail angel. That is so wonderful. Love from the Kamanns. Stay warm


  2. For those of us who are following you on your journey, thank you for bringing us out onto the trail with you, to share not only your photos, your passion, and your insights, but also your optimism. have a great evening.


  3. Hopefully you have a warm sleeping bag. Am really enjoying your blog. Hope the weather warms up for you.


  4. Hey, Sounds like your settling in, I had absolutly no doubts about that!, What kind of tech are you carrying,Smart phone weather, gps,emails, blog entries, I have to look up Georgia on the map,You know I like the maps, Hang Tough!


    1. I have my cell phone. I put an AT weather app on it and a trail guide. I also have a paper guide book. I can access my emails and create my blog entries on my phone. Hope you are well.


  5. Trail Angels, isn’t it great that there are people out there giving there time, (and freezing there butts),to put some smiles on the hikers faces and warm there tummies. I guess there are some friendly people out there, not just in MN. Safe and happy trails today Jason.

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    1. Thank you. I have met so many friendly people, it blows my mind. Take care!


  6. I just looked it up, Your out of Georgia and into North Carolina! Going like a house a fire! Heading for Dicks Creek, The entry for that section I read said ‘ For very experienced adventurers’ Well you sure have that requirement covered!

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    1. You are a experienced man of adventure too. The best hiking partner out there.


      1. Thanks that means alot, Your theToughest cat I know!

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  7. Wow – 14 miles in cold with two big climbs sounds like a productive day! I’m glad that Lion Heart was there to provide treats for you. It sounds like an epic journey!

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  8. You’re doing great Jason! Glad to see you living out your dream and seeing the positive in every weather situation. Pace yourself and enjoy the journey.

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    1. Thank you Jane for everything. Keeping a positive attitude is a key to success.


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