Day 10

Made it to a stealth campsite about 2 miles before the Georgia, North Carolina border.

Camped up on a rocky ridge overlooking mountains. Was treated to a nice, but all too short sunset.

Had a little campfire before bed. It was more of a necessity than a luxury. Dang it was cold and windy, coldest night yet in the upper teens. Wind chill had to be single digits. No complaints, this is all part of the journey.

I had to get up in the middle of the night to take care of some business. The sky was clear and full of stars, but it was also snowing pretty good at the same time.

9 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Hope the weather is getting better, haven’t checked it tonight, amazing you can be so positive when you are freezing. Again great pictures. So far the orchids are happy, but they miss you too.


  2. Looking good Jason, stay strong!


  3. Thanks for the journey…so exciting.


  4. I bet it sure gets cold when the sun goes down. It seems like the dramatic temperature swings are so much more noticeable when it’s cold and wet out. Thanks for all the updates, good for you to keep it going! It’s certainly work to share all this after a long hard day of hiking. I can imagine you’re quite cold and worn out. Keep up the good work. Hope your new boots work out for you and the nights and days get warmer so you can enjoy your self a bit more!


    1. Thank you. New boots are good so far.


    2. It does get cold, but go to bed always a little after sunset.


  5. We are so proud and jealous of your journey J! Most dream of adventures like this Pace Car but your actually doing it! So are you ever warm and comfortable even when your hiking during the day?? Thank you for all of the posts as we are all cheering you on!!


    1. Hey Jeff! Comfort is relative out here. It really depends on the weather. Some days have been perfect for wearing shorts…others have been darn cold and I wear every piece of clothing I have and keep moving to try to stay warm. If a person can avoid being cold and wet, it’s do able. Laying down after a day of hiking feels the best though.


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