Day 11

Woke up this morning, put on freezing cold clothes. If that does not wake you up, nothing will. After the initial shock, all is well.

At night, I have been sleeping with my water filter to prevent it from freezing as well as as liter of water to drink at night or in the morning. Drinking water right from the springs and creeks is amazing, the water tastes so good.

Today, I crossed into North Carolina. It was a fun milestone.

Today I hiked to Standing Indian Shelter. To keep warm or try, just kept hiking at a steady comfortable pace. Slow enough I did not sweat up my clothes too bad. Cold and wet is not fun and it’s a potential hazard also. With that said, I am prepared to handle any situation.

I climbed some elevation today. The higher I went, the colder and more windy it became. I guess that is to be expected. For every 1000 feet one goes up, the temp drops 3.5 degrees on average. I would lift my leg to walk and the wind would blow it someplace different. The snow also stayed on the ground.

So far the only green plants out are the Mountain Laurel and Rhodedendron. Saw some isolated Holy Berry with red berries.

Got to camp, gathered some firewood and socialized with the other hikers there before and early bedtime. Some trail names of people I have talked with are Jack Rabbitt, Laces, Mira Snot Rocket, Ion, Salty Dog.

10 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. I see your elevation is getting higher, sure love having the trail guide, enjoy the great views from up there.


  2. Congratulations on your border crossing, enjoyed the pictures, keep them coming. Enjoy the campfires, stay warm.


  3. So the trail name can be bad đŸ˜‰


  4. Thanks for taking us along on the journey. I look forward to your posts each day.


  5. Way to go on your first State milestone – HUGE accomplishment and momentum booster! Just letting you know are backed with a lot of support back here in the office and many people have been asking about you and your blog! Proud of you buddy! Keep’er up Pace Car!!


    1. Thanks buddy, it means a lot. Going to give it all I can. 13 more States to go. Have a morning omlet, sausage and hash browns for me…


      1. You got it…Monday morning it is! Floyd and Dee say hi!!


      2. Tell me how good it is…I think of food a lot! Haha and it only going to be more so.


  6. One state down, thirteen to go. You are doing great! Any idea how many miles you’ve covered so far?


    1. I think 115 or 116 miles so far. The first two or three weeks were planned to be “easy” to adjust and lessen the chance of injury. Kinda like marathon training.


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