Day 13

It was a fun 14 mile day today from Carter Gap Shelter to a stealth camp site about 2 miles from Winding Stair Gap. Just set up in the woods.

Today was actually my favorite day of backpacking on the AT so far. The trail was beautiful and the scenery was varied. The weather was perfect. As I was hiking, I was thinking to my self, “I cannot believe I am actually hiking the AT” and “It’s unreal I am attempting this.” It has not sunk it yet, in a way I hope it never does and each new day is as fresh as the first. Some people choose not to do something out of fear or fear of failure. I look at it differently, I need to try things that challenge me, that are hard. Not trying something that excites me is way harder on me than trying and failing. I am not sure what makes a success or a failure in a venture anyway. We can view situations from a specific viewpoint, but do we always have the proper perspective or are we even open to it. There are lessons to be learned that can be applied to unknown future events regardless and hopefully it makes me better.

I have lost some weight, so when I get to town, I REALLY need a belt. My pants want to fall to the ground as I hike. Such a scene most likely would not be appreciated in town. Hahaha. Since I am also feeling funny today, I have also decided I prefer going to the restroom outside. Again, something likely not accepted in “civilization.” Hahaha…Enough on that.

Saw many nonblooming clusters of Rattlesnake Orchids.

The climb up to Albert Mountain was challenging in a fun way. Part of the trail was literally straight up. It was worth it, there is a fire tower up there and the views are the best on the trail so far.

After leaving Albert Mountain, I found a clean pair of ear muffs. So I picked them up and carried them with me figuring the owner was ahead. I was able to reconnect them to their Dutch owner after a few miles.

Did not feel like staying in a established campsite, so I just set up my tent on a ridge in the woods. Have some day light left, so giving some clothing time to air out a little.

Good night,

Pace Car

6 thoughts on “Day 13

  1. You hike for 14 miles, than climb up to the top of a ranger tower, unbelievable, no surprise you will need a belt. And you spotted an orchid 🤗 and WOW what beautiful country.


    1. I am wore out and will sleep well I hope. The little towns and people we meet are all so nice so far too.


  2. Sweet,Yep this looked like a great day! More to come


  3. So uplifting!! Nature has its own way of healing us. Not that you, Jason, are in need of it, but those of us who don’t get to do what you are doing now.


  4. partAnimal partMachine March 17, 2018 — 5:33 am

    PaceCar (PC)… I am not certain how PC it is for you to have the courage of expressing your re-wilding and undomesticated preference of going to the restroom outside. Regardless, I certainly appreciate your preference and find it incredibly civilized. So much so that I do the same every day even here in St. Paul… huh… funny, it is difficult for me to recall the last time I used the restroom in the house of our domesticated culture of make believe. When one does use a restroom in a “civilized” city environment, one further contaminates “treated” city water that then requires energy intensive treatment so that it can be treated again and consumed down stream… that feels funny today and every day to think that a “civilized” society would contaminate the life force and cycle of water. The Humanure handbook comes to mind…
    Anywho… all funny aside, we certainly appreciate reading and sharing your adventures. Might you provide us with some gear experience? What’s working well, what’s not working so well? Your shelter looks incredible, what are you using? What gear are you finding that you should have packed?, etc.
    Journey well! Have the courage to follow your heart. For the wild – partAnimal partMachine


    1. I will do a section on the main gear I am using in some upcoming entry.


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