Day 14

Today, I woke up to light rain and fog. I love mornings like this on occasion.

Hiked two miles to Winding Stair Gap this morning from the stealth camp site. Along the way found some flowering moss on the ground, just one small baby hand sized patch.

Just before arriving, came across some trail magic of a cooler full of pop and ice.

Caught a shuttle bus ride into Franklin, North Carolina. The shuttle driver was a character and story teller for sure. He was a good guy. Staying at Baltimore Jacks Hostel tonight. There are a fair amount of hikers in town as it is a popular resupply point.

Today was set up to be a rest and resupply day. Did a little more walking around town than I wanted, but it’s all good. The town has many buildings left from before the Civil War. Union Troops went around the town during Shermans March To The Sea thinking it was defended based on misinformation, but it was not. Every other town was burned to the ground.

Tomorrow, I hit the trail again. I estimate I am about one week away before entering Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

12 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. Hey buddy! I got caught up on your blog today. We were out in San Fran for a spring break vacation – lots of fog in the mornings and Carisa was making fun of me at Muir Woods for repeatedly admiring the moss – so your Day 14 morning material especially spoke to me. It is such fun to see you with scruff on your face. Hope it is helping keep you warm! Get something calorie-intensive for supper to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!


    1. If you need anything else to speak to you, just ask and I will see if I can accommodate. I ate a lot today and increased my on trail calorie count in my meals. Should be I interesting how lean I get. Thanks for everything my friend.


  2. I’ve never seen flowering Moss before, it’s beautiful, is the statute dedicated to anybody in particular?
    Are the resupply prices in town reasonable? I love the name Great Smoky Mountains, looking forward to your pictures.


    1. It’s a monument to the Confederate soldiers. Prices on resupply are ok in towns.


  3. Hi Jason!

    I’m following your blog and love hearing of these adventures. Take care and be safe!

    Annie Lund- Jess’s friend


    1. Hi Annie, I remember you. Thank you! Hope life is treating you well.


  4. Hi Jason. I stumbled on your blog the other day. Great job, man! I’m from Mpls… a neighbor! I too have been hiking and backpacking a long time. I’ve hiked the Whites, the Presidential Range, and been to top of Katahdin; out west and Canada… yada, yada.

    I’m also following a friend… who is the son of a friend, as he thru-hikes the AT. I met him while he was hiking with his sister and dad w/me and others out in Glacier NP back in ’02. He started the AT in GA on March 1. It sounds like you are within days of each other. His trail name is Sharkbait and he’s wearing an orange jacket. I think you’re moving faster, seems you starter later than he.

    Looking forward to following you on your adventure, Jason. Stay safe and enjoy!


    1. Hey Mike, thanks for following neighbor! I will keep an eye out for Sharkbait.

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  5. Jason, I love the moss too!!! If you want to snap some cool lichen photos, you know I love those! LOL

    Lots of great views it looks like. I don’t know how you can pick when to take photos, but you’re doing a great job. Hopefully the rest of the sights will be memories you can recall someday in your own mind. Thanks for the fabulous summary of your days. Much appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the support, it helps me through the hard times. Keeping in touch with friends helps me feel connected and it is enjoyable to interact with people.


  6. Looks like fun.


    1. It is a lot of fun Dean! Hope you have some fun this week.


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