Day 24

Today was a zero (a rest day). It was not a zero in my game plan, but my main mission was to get some rain pants to help keep me safe.

I found two rain pants my size in the outfitters store. One of which is now mine. Rain pants are not just for rain, they also make good wind pants. In addition, when hikers are having their clothing washed, many, myself included, only have rain gear left to wear around.

In the outfitters, I also had them look at my feet and see if any sock, sock liner changes may be warranted. They said my feet look great for a thru hiker. I just have some very minor rub spots, which for me is actually a treat. I remember past trips, where my heels were worn down to nothing and my socks were soaked in blood and I had to block out the pain.

With some time to kill today. I went to the Ripleys Aquarium of the Smokys. It was decent, but there were so many people there. I observed people run up and take a pic and move on to something else and repeat. Each to their own, but I sat down in front of each display and watched the fish and other animals for a while.

Will wake up early and get back to the trail in the morning. Whatever the trail brings, it will be a great day.

2 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. Yup, rain gear rarely keeps ya dry, but it will keep ya warm! Enjoy the rest!


  2. So glad they had replacement rain pants for you, some things are just very important. Also, sounds like you have really been paying attention to the feet, they maybe got the rub spots walking in all the water don’t you think? Hope they totally clear with some dry weather. Love the picture of the jelly fish, so interesting to look at, good you took time to enjoy it. Have a good day back on the trail, hope you picked up jelly beans, just makes the day a little sweeter


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