Day 27

Woke up this morning to a thick fog after the heavy rains last night. Fog condenses on anything it contacts, like tents, clothes and sleeping bags. Luckily, I kept my clothes in my tent in a dry bag to prevent such, but my sleeping bag did get damp. Oh well.

I started hiking in shorts, a hiking short and rain coat as a wind break.

Made a two mile hike to Standing Bear Hostel to get some food. Looks like a cool place. It started raining while there, but it was warm enough.

As the day progressed, the temperatures tanked and the rain became heavy. At times, it was also sleeting. I saw some new wildflowers and a ground dweller today.

TRAIL MAGIC!!! As I was hiking in the cold rain, being driven by strong winds, I came down a gap to a road and to my totally amazement, there were two female trail angels giving out trail magic. They created a burrito/taco bar with all the fixings, homemade cookies and brownies, hot drinks, fruit and lots more, including plastic Easter Eggs filled with candy. It was amazing. They were previous thru hikers who just wanted to help us out, like others helped them.

Hiked up to Max Patch, which is an large area of just grass on top of a mountain. The wind driven rain and sleet was so cold my fingers would not work. The winds would blow my legs out from under me a few times. It was covered in thick fog. On a nice day, they say you get 360 degree views and can see several States.

It just got colder and colder as the day went. I was soaking wet all day. Made it to Roaring Fork Shelter around dinner time after putting in over 15 miles. Other hikers were there too. I just took off all my clothes right there, dried off and put on dry cloths. This is life on the AT and nobody blinks an eye about doing such a thing. When females do it, the guys all look away to give them some privacy.

It does stink to put on wet clothes in the morning. However, the importance of keeping as set of warm cloths dry, cannot be overstated. Not one hiker complained about the conditions, complaining does no good and we knew what we were in for when we signed up for this. Plus, conditions like this remind us we are tough and were built to live in more challenging conditions than we usually do in our nice homes.

Time to give my sleeping bag some body heat. As they say in the South, Night Ya’ll!

15 thoughts on “Day 27

  1. Trail Angels look like the real deal! Hope weather gets with the program, you know tease a guy with a little warmth, Are yo on track with your mileage, ? The pic of the forest floor dweller…..I think one of those came out of my ear at Olympic, Truck on brother….


    1. On track for miles. Soon the terrain will get a little easier and more miles can be done.


  2. More rain….. Are you hiking in the Smokies? or a Central American rain forest? Looks like there are a lot of areas ahead where you’ll be able to dry out and pick up supplies.
    The trail angels are a real blessing, continue to enjoy all the sites along the trail, and keep the pictures and comments coming. We look forward to your blog every day.

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  3. Sounds like a rough day, J. Wet and cold doesn’t sound good… weird, but hiking does keep a body warm and is probably the best option. The Trail Angels with the food and coffee handouts probably made the day for lots of hikers… feeling that hot coffee going down as you drank it, and warming your hands from the warm cup! yes! Hope it warms up and drys out for you soon. You do seem to have a good attitude though… another check in the plus column. Cheers!

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  4. Just checked the weather for you today, thankfully it says 68 and sunny, hope you can hang the bag up to dry a little. The Kamann’s come back from Hawaii some time today, they will not like our weather at all, tomorrow high of 30 and a low of 10. The trail angels are just what their name says, how nice that they do that, even when they have to be out in the elements. Enjoy the sunshine and hope your hike is good.


  5. Jason your are AMAZING!!!! I walk 4 times around the MOA with your Mother in perfect conditions and I’m tired. Paul and I look forward to your blog and pictures everyday and it makes us feel like we are on the trail with you.
    Keep on trekking PaceCar!!

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    1. Mom does not joke around on her walks. It is hard for me to keep up sometimes haha, so I feel ya.


  6. There used to be a viewpoint where you could see 4 states at once. You must have come across it. It was totally fascinating to me.


  7. Jason, l know the weather will change for the better. You will soon find out hot or cool, l’ m sure hot or let’s say warm would be wonderful. Happy Easter , we all miss you,but so excited too!


  8. Jason I admire your guts and grit, best of luck, trek on!


    1. Thanks Al, will do the best I can.


  9. Jason,
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter, We are having a great time following your trip on the long AP trail. I think it is great to be out of your element and meet new people like you are doing, I don’t seem to find time to do it often enough. But you learn so much from other people sharing their experiences.
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos, and your ability to verbalize your day in words is exceptional.
    Stay warm

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    1. Thanks Jim. It’s a great opportunity to try to grow out here. Thanks for following asnd saying hi@


  10. The water in the river looks clean enough to drink. Nice and cold too.


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