Day 28

The trail provided! After a cold, wet day yesterday the skies cleared this morning and the sun made an all day appearance. By mid afternoon and into the early evening, it was pretty warm.

A guy I was hiking with said yesterday was the most uncomfortable day in his life. I just smiled at said it really was not that bad. We all have had different experiences, so who can or even wants to debate that, not I. The same guy had a dental crown come off at lunch time, so we may not hike together for a while as he tries to get it fixed.

Overall, it was a very pleasant hike today. Plenty of delicious ice cold water to drink from springs and creeks along the way and nice views.

Other plants are starting to bud out (besides Mountain Laurel and Rhodedendron). A few insects were also out today. Signs that warmer days and nights are ahead.

Made it to camp at a stealth site near Deer Park Mountain Shelter and dried out anything that was not totally dry. It was about a 15 mile hike today. I did not sleep well last night. I know, poor me, getting to sleep outside and see new things everyday. LOL. Gathered some firewood for a small fire this evening.

Just a few miles from Hot Springs, North Carolina. Think I will spend the day in town to resupply and look around. Might even go to a hot spring for a soak, who knows.

10 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. Happy Easter Jason I hope you have a great day, we will all be thinking about you.


  2. Happy Easter, have a nice day in Hot Springs.


    1. Happy Easter to you and dad.


  3. You deserve at little holiday soak for sure, we’ll miss you today at the gathering!

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    1. Love you so much. I am thinking of you and everyone!


  4. Enjoy some Easter pizza/burgers and a cold beer or two, J… and I think you’d enjoy a good soak in those ‘hot spring’ baths too, before you start climbing again!

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    1. Thanks Mike! Hope you have a great Easter.

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  5. Jess, Chad, Dean and Ryan April 1, 2018 — 3:58 pm

    Happy Easter brother. Enjoy your day off.

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  6. A memorable Easter for sure.


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