Day 29

Happy Easter everyone!

Today, I hiked 3 miles into Hot Springs, North Carolina for resupply and a rest day.

Had a great view this morning hiking into town.

Below is a picture above the small town of Hot Springs.

In town, I got a room at Elmmers Sunnybank Inn. This place is pretty neat. It is actually a large home that is over 170 years old and full of antiques. Had a nice shower in a clawfoot bathtub. My laundry was washed. Having a homemade vegetarian dinner hand made by the owner, who also was a gourmet chief, Methodist Minister, civil rights and labor union activist, Buddist sympathizer and so much more. All for about $35. Without dinner, it would be about $20.

During World War 2, I was told female German prisoners of war were kept here. The male prisoners were at a camp not far from here. So much history in this landmark of a home and hostel.

I got to meet a retired 2 Star Navy Admiral today, which was a privilege.

Also meet other cool hikers here. The guy I have been hiking with invited Spice to stay with us, as the place was sold out and we just met her as she was looking for a room. She will sleep on the floor and is from the Maple Grove, Minnesota area. She is doing 20+ miles a day, so will likely not see her again.

The guy I was hiking with is going to try to get a dental crown put back on that fell off sometime tomorrow. The closest town with a dentist is about 20 miles away. I decided to keep hiking tomorrow. It would be nice if we connect again, but if not that is ok too. Hikers are all woven of the same thread in the fabric of the trail community, sometimes we connect and separate and reconnect. Making friends and connections happens very quickly here. It’s a good thing. I also miss and think of people who mean a lot to me back home. I cannot call anyone today, which is Easter and I really wish I could, but cell service does not seem to exist here. At least I was able to get a few emails out. Love and miss everyone.

Oh…before I forget…According to trail statistics, 50% of those attempting a thru hike drop out by Hot Springs. I am continuing on.

13 thoughts on “Day 29

  1. Great report today Bub, Just loved it,got a real feel for the place through you. Thanks !

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  2. Sounds like a great couple days! Proud of you for all you’re doing.

    Happy Easter 🐣🐰


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  3. Good place for a rest! My best to Spice!

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  4. Sounds like Pace Car got detailed today, make sure they vacuum the upholstery and get all the mud off the floor mats.
    Looks like you found a wonderful place to stay, with some very interesting people. The pictures and the history are interesting, informative, and fun!
    My battery is running low, so I’ll touch base with you again tomorrow. Keep on rolling .


  5. Hoppy Easter! Been following your blog and think it’s great. Good to hear your doing well.

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  6. What a beautiful old house Jason.

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  7. Jess, Chad, Dean and Ryan April 2, 2018 — 1:39 am

    All of your research and preparation is paying off. Have a great Easter. Love the Inn that you found yourself.

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  8. I bet most of those 50% who dropped out didn’t have the weather you experienced! Keep on trucking bro.

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  9. I finally checked in on your adventure, and just all of your posts! I am grateful you are on this trip- inspiring to me for sure, cousin! Keep going, and receive all of the love and support being wished for you.

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    1. Thank you Mark. That’s the stuff that helps me keep going. Wishing you the bext!


  10. Wow! Great story! You know I love hearing about that stately old house. Those porches are amazing.

    Way to keep at it after those tough snow/cold/wind days. We are all so thrilled for you and your progress! Keep on trucking Pace Car!

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    1. Thank you. It’s a neat place. I recommend a stay.


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