Day 32

I got on the trail around 8:30 a.m. this morning. I waited for the rain to clear for the most part. That is a pretty late start for me. There was a cold and blustery wind blowing strongly on the ridges and mountain tops today. Trees were swaying, groaning and creeking. Thankfully, it was sunny all day.

Early in the day I had what I think was the biggest single climb of the day. I needed some water to drink, so I filled up at this waterfall.

In some areas on the forest floor green vegetation was starting to come out. Even some trees are starting to bud in some areas.

Along the way today, I kept seeing these really old barbed wire fences. Some big trees had grown around the fencing a long time ago. It made me think about the people that used to live here.

I hiked to Bald Mountain Shelter, for a 19 mile day. From the bald I took these pictures, which cannot do justice of the view.

The cold wind is tearing through everything tonight. You can hear it coming up the mountain slopes and then going over the top of me. I am guessing it will get down in the 20 degree range tonight. I feel pretty good today and look forward hopefully to a great sleep. Tomorrow will be a shorter day. I came up with a game plan to give a friend a chance to catch up to me in the next two days. If it works great, if not, so be it.

3 thoughts on “Day 32

  1. Nice photos, J. Especially the waterfall and the trees w/ barbed wire. You are getting some good trail-mileage pretty regularly now. Looks like you may see some rain over the weekend. The Twin’s opener is this afternoon at about 3 p.m. -gonna be frigid! More snow locally in the forecast for the weekend. Enjoy the trail!


    1. I appreciate your kind words. There are rumors of snow in the mountain forecast here too. Winter has to let go sometime. How is Sharkbait doing?

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  2. Its amazing how noisy the woods can be at night with the wind blowing through the trees. Great pictures looking back over your shoulder at the area you have already hiked, it must give you a great sense of accomplishment. For the next few weeks we will only have limited access to the internet, we will check in as often as we can, we will be thinking about you all the time, and will be looking forward to reading all of your Blogs.
    Happy Trails !!!


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