Day 33

It was a chilly morning up on Bald Mountain. The ground froze solid and my breath condensation froze onto the inside of my tent. I was fine in my sleeping gear, so all was good.

I got going around 8:30 a.m., I was not in any rush as I was planning on just a 10 mile day. As I got to hiking I decided to do more and camp just outside of Erwin, Tennessee. That turned my day into about a 17 mile hike.

It stayed cold and windy until about 12:30 p.m. After that it got pretty warm. A lot of this stretch of trail was pretty rocky. I rolled my ankle a few times, nothing injuried me though.

Caught a few new wildflowers, that I have not posted before.

Towards the end of the days hike, I spotted a little lizard enjoying the sun. There were actually a fair amount of lizards in this one stretch, but all the others ran away.

I likely will take a zero in Erwin this weekend. I will see what the weather looks like and if the guy I hiked with from the start can get here too.

6 thoughts on “Day 33

  1. Love the pictures of the mountain flowers and other creatures!!!


  2. What an adventure you’ve had already! Spring flowers are the best! I hope all the wildlife ignore you as the journey continues. I love reading your posts and the pics are awesome! Stay warm! I hope your friend catches up.


  3. Yes, it looks like spring is trying to pop! The flowers are all popping, the lizards are sunning themselves and the days are slowly warming! Enjoy your zero day in Erwin!


  4. I look forward to reading this every day–so interesting to track your progress! Love the pictures and the descriptions of what you’re seeing.


  5. Those darn lizards just are the worst to get pictures of, I’m glad you got one at least! Can’t wait to hear from you daily.


  6. Those pretty little flowers are two colors of violets. The leaves and flowers are edible. A lot of people pick them to make nicely scented jellies and also preserve the flowers in sugar to eat on salads and stuff. They have vitamin C and other good things in them. Although, you might enjoy them more just by looking at them 🙂

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