Day 37

Today, I hiked about 19.5 miles to the Stan Murray Shelter.

Late last night it started to snow. Woke up to about an inch of new snow, thick fog and a cold wind. It was not too bad at all. Of course it made the trail slippery, it would not be any fun if it was perfect trail conditions. Haha.

Hiked up to Roan High Knob Shelter, which has the highest elevation shelter at the top at 6,186 feet. From 5,000 feet up, the trail was pure ice and some rock climbing. On the way down, it was pure ice too. I have to admit on the way down, I did slip on ice and took a little fall. I am fine. Other hikers I spoke with had several close calls or took some spills too.

Then the fog got so thick for the second half of the day, visibility was about 20 feet. I crossed some balds and then for the next few hours the trail was a boot sucking mud bog. With my big shoes, I did a lot of mud skiing. In this area, took a picture of some spores forming. Cute little pink spores! Ha!

Some unknown trail angel left some jugs of water and small bags of popcorn out. Thank you.

Got to camp and did not even know it at first, thanks to the amazing thick fog. Fog makes everything wet. Made a hot dinner. Went to hang my bear bag and a knot formed just out of reach. So I asked a guy to sit on my shoulders and to undo the knot. Better than having to cut it. Mission successful. Heavy squats at the gym pay off!!!

Good night everyone, as I hear coyotes howling.

9 thoughts on “Day 37

  1. Man oh Man…..Shere guts and determination….I was going to squak about it being 95 in Buckeye today, but I’ll hold off on that Just got back in Az,today after experienceing winter in Mn Ia ,Mo Ok,, cold ass in a lot of the country, Its gotta end…right Well warm night,I’ll get the black light flashlight and hunt scorpions! Stay Strong…….


  2. Every day I never cease to wonder at your photos. They are wonderful.


  3. Glad to hear you’re safe in camp after a grueling day on icy trails, J. I imagine your hiking poles came in handy under those conditions! Mine have saved me from taking a tumble many times over the years. Get some good sleep, tomorrow’s another day!


    1. Hiking poles are wonderful. They have saved my hide a few times. If the trail is dangerous, I put them away though and climb up or down without them. Poles can break or collapse at the worst times.

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  4. If I didn’t know your Dad was cruising, I’d swear that was him in your photo.


    1. He has never been this good looking! 😀


      1. One for you Jason, we are enjoying the beach and the heat today, have to tell you it is too hot, sometimes a chill feels good, but you are the authority on that subject. Hope all is going well for you. Did your hiking friend meet up with you? Thinking of you as always.


  5. You’re really cruising with all those miles each day. Thank you for the updates, it’s a lovely break and retreat from the mundane gray cube walls and office environment. I actually chatted with some friends about seeing if we could hike a portion with you maybe towards the end of the trail, but it’s pretty far off. Just tossing it out there. Of course by then you’ll be doing 30 miles a day… LOL we could not keep up. Things move along here, slowly as usual. Enjoy your days out there and know that there’s quite a few of us who are jealous! (of your ambition, time away and having a new mission that’s not part of the rat race…)


    1. Thanks. I don’t want anyone to be jealous, but I know what you mean. If my attempt inspires someone to try something out of their comfort zone and try big, that would be awesome. We have to risk failing, in order to see how greatly we can succeed. Miss your humor and friendship.


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