Day 38

I slept ok last night. The coyotes were pretty active in the area. The bottom quarter of my pants and my hiking shoes froze solid last night, but it’s all good.

Hiked about 10 miles today and called it a night near Roan Mountain, Tennessee. It felt like the right mileage for the day. The trail was pretty rocky and muddy in parts.

I hiked past a red barn named the Overmountain Shelter. This barn has been standing since before the Revolutionary War. In 1780, 1000 Overland Men gathered here before marching to King Mountain to fight and defeat English Loyalists. I won’t go into a lot of details here, but you can read more on the internet, it is great for history bluffs like me.

The hike up and along Hump Mountain was full of great views. It was a challenging hiking up it, as it was steep, the trail was slippery mud and winds gusting to 50 mph.

The sun did come out today and it warmed up nicely. Hiked out of North Carolina today (two States down). North Carolina was good hiking. Just have a little time left in Tennessee. I am not sure what my pose is in the picture below..haha but I was having fun with it.

Came across a very small area, with s few flowering Red Trillium.

Went into Roan Mountain today for a cheeseburger and black cherry shake.

I also had to ordered a new hip belt for my Zpacks Arcblast backpack online today. I have lost about 25 pounds last time I checked. I had the belt shipped to Damascus, Virginia.

8 thoughts on “Day 38

  1. PartAnimal PartMachine April 10, 2018 — 8:13 pm

    When will you be arriving in Damascus (i.e. can we send some trail magic)?

    For the wild – PaPm


    1. I think I will be there in 4 or 5 days. I thank you for the kind offer…for now I am set. Have a great week friend.


      1. Well I was going to send you a steak but guess it’s all mine now! Happy trails Pace Car!


  2. Hey Jason, got the link from Ryan. You are really doing this! Be safe and have fun! Deepa


    1. Thanks Deepa. Have a great week.


  3. Those pictures, Jason, are so fantastic! I hope you make a book of them. That place is full of history. I used to know a lot about it as I read extensively when I lived there. We really do have a great country.


  4. Those pictures from Day 36 are beautiful, but I bet you are even more ready than the rest of us for all traces of winter to be gone. You are probably down 30 pounds total when you factor in the beard. Are you getting much from the fruits&veggies food group to eat out there? Thanks for continuing to be so great about posting updates!


  5. Another good reason to get to Damascus -the hipbelt! Sharkbait departed there today, after spending two dayz there… more zeros! He’s headed to Mt. Rogers now.


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