Day 42

Did another 20 mile hike today.

This morning was a great beginning to the day. Hiked through a farm in the Appalachian Mountains. The owners even put the AT logo on the barn. How cool. It was a nice change of scenery, but also a reminder that the AT is not just a mountain trail, but a trail connecting nature, humans and communities. This is America. I love this country and its people and landscapes.

I am two miles outside of Damasus, Virginia tonight. That’s right, I entered Virginia tonight and left Tennessee behind. Tennessee was good to me. Below is me kissing the State line crossing. At this stage of the hike, I have walked through Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

There is not much vegetation out in the woods yet. The plants have buds on them. The Ramps were out, so I did some foraging for them and eating them as I hiked. They are a wild onion, with a nice sweet flavor. It was a warm day today and extra water was enjoyed/required.

Sometime tonight or in the morning a storm is predicted to roll into the area with up to two inches of rain and 50 to 60 mph winds.

Tomorrow, was planning on being in Damascus all day. So it might work out well. Hiked more miles today, just in case, to get off the high ridges and down to a lower elevation.

Good night everyone. Special shout out to my girlfriend who earned her black belt in Karate tonight.

4 thoughts on “Day 42

  1. Damascus sounds like a interesting place ,I was reading abougt trail days 20,000 people in May someting, Hope they take care of you.Do you bump into alot of the same hikers who started when you did,? Or have some dropped out, Your pics of you look like the best shape l’ve ever seen you in .Chistled granite, ya thats it!, Have a good zero


    1. Hey Randy, I run into some of the same hikers and some I have not met before. Some on the same and some on different schedules than me. Over 50% who started a thru hike, have called it quits, based on past years statistics.


  2. Wow – I am finally catching up with all your posts, and I am very impressed. Your pictures are gorgeous! I can’t believe all the things you’ve seen and experienced already. You have such a great attitude – even when conditions aren’t ideal. I hope you are enjoying yourself and being kind to yourself. I look forward to future commentary on your gear, including what you should or should not have packed and how things are holding up for you. Take care!!

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    1. I think part of your and Scott’s positive attitude has rubbed off a little on me over the years. I am working on being kind to myself and making that be long term. Thanks for being you.


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