Day 43 and 44

Woke up this morning st 6:30 a.m. The predicted ran had not yet started. So I packed up camp. Massaged my feet, legs and Achilles tendon and performed other routine stretches. I perform the same routine prior to going to bed too. At night I add wiping my feet down with Wet Wipes or hand sanitizer to keep them healthy.

Hiked two easy downhill miles into Damascus, Virginia.

The 93 year old uncle of Clipper was there waiting for us. Going to spend two days staying at his house in the area in the mountains and then back to the trail. It is a very nice home and his uncle is very welcoming. At this stage of the trip, the trail feels like home though.

The heavy rain held off until late morning. It came down hard most of the day and the rivers rose a lot and were filled with sediment, when they were crystal clear before the rain.

We went out to eat and the environment seemed very busy and loud.

I also picked up a pair of new hiking shoes, as I wore out a pair. Sticking with the Oboz Sawtooth size 14. I was lucky to find my size in a small town. I tried other options on as footwear is so important, but I went with the choice I know and has worked pretty well for me. The guy at the outfitter said I was making good time on the trail.

Tomorrow, Day 44 will be a rest day and include a stop at the grocery store to get me through the next leg of the trip. 554 miles of the AT are in Virginia, making it the longest state to cross.

Went out to dinner with Clipper and his uncle tonight (Day 44) at The Tavern. It’s a tavern from 1779 in the original building, pretty cool and lots of history.

9 thoughts on “Day 43 and 44

  1. Congrats to your girlfriend on the black belt!! Great accomplishment!

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    1. Thank you Mary. I remember how hard your son worked to get his.


      1. It’s very difficult. His master teacher was a 10X Tae Kwon Do instructor, meaning that once he got his black belt, he relinquished it and started over 10 times. Incredible person. Best wishes to her. Awesome life accomplishment.


  2. Congrats, J. Enjoy a rest in Damascus, and some good food. Staying with Clipper’s uncle should be fun… probably lots of good stories and good food! I liked hearing you talk about taking care of your feet… them feet is made for walkin, and that’s your game for the next few months or more! Feet and knees! Ha

    Sharkbait met Spice on the trail in past day or two, and mentioned she had a fast pace… I told him that’s what you said about her. “A toast to Spice.” I saw a map today, not in any detail, but it looked like VA might be wet over the next couple of days. Enjoy your time in the Damascus area. VA is nice country!

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  3. Nice you are having a stay with Clippers uncle, bet he enjoys the company as well. So happy to hearr Josey got her black belt, also so proud of her. Hope you miss the heavy rain, hear we had lots of snow at home, we can both be glad to be away from that snow. I look forward to having a better look at your hiking, when we have more internet time. Have to limit our time. Congrats on finishing another state, love that you say they have all been good to you.


  4. Wow, you wore out a pair of hikers already! That’s impressive. The rain you’re getting is the remnants of 20″ of snow we just got so don’t feel too bad about it!


    1. Snow…tired of it. Haha


  5. Abingdon VA…. do they have the Barter Theater there –


    1. That I have no idea about. It sounds familiar though.


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