Day 46

Today, I hiked 17 miles to a stealth site along a creek full of rapids. A pretty good quiet spot for the night, after a rock filled day. Crossed the 500 mile mark on the AT today.

First thing this morning, the day started off with a 2,000 foot climb to Whitetop Mountain. At the top, Slider played her trombone a little.

Then on to Mount Rogers at 5,729 feet (highest peak in Virginia). The sun was out most of the day and it was another great day.

From there I hiked on into Grayson Highlands State Park. The scenery was a dramatic change. There I met lots of rocks and ponies! One pony chased Clipper and I for a little, let’s call it aggressive play. HAHA. It was a very scenic hike, that is fact. Today, was just one of those days the feet were sore from rocks, no complaints, just facts. Winds at times were over 40 mph, made for tough footing.

While in Grayson Highlands, not only did we get Trail Magic (fresh fruit), but I got to go through the Fatman Squeeze as it is officially named. Fatman Squeeze is a tight fitting rock tunnel filled with boulders and some ice. I was laughing going through it and afterwards, good times the Fatman Squeeze is.

Came across a nice whitewater creek and decided to just camp there. Seemed the right thing to do. Got camp set up and soaked the feet and had a backcountry bath while the last of the sun was up for the day.

6 thoughts on “Day 46

  1. Lots of nice scenery keeps the hike interesting!

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  2. Just going to leave this here…tomorrow is the last day of the Treasure’s Table… 😉


    1. Oh noooooooo…is all of it at my desk now….😆


      1. Lets just say the pod has never been this, well, eclectic…

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      2. I am VERY scared!! Haha


  3. Geez! What a time to no longer have a badge…..

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