Day 47

Last night it started to rain. It sent me to close my tent doors around 2 a.m., as I heard the pitter patter of light rain drops. It lasted maybe an hour of just light sprinkles. Rain gets you excited in the backcountry, hoping to keep things dry as you never know how much is coming.

Got some water out of the creek and saw a few crayfish this morning. Thought about cooking them up, but did not. Left camp in the morning and started hiking up to Stone Mountain. The higher I went, the colder, the more foggy and way more windy it got. I was literally almost blown over more times than I care to remember. On a nice day the hike would be awesome. There were more ponies in the area too.

The hiking today was not too bad. Generally, it was good hiking and good trail conditions. There were some pretty rocky and wet sections.

Over all today, I hiked 20 miles and made it to Trimpi Shelter. Hiked about 525 miles on the AT at this point in total. Set up camp above the shelter area. It was about 35 degrees when I arrived, so I started a fire right away. Then sat by it until bedtime. The winds switched direction when the sun went down, which seems almost predictable by now. It is nature’s way of saying go lay down for the night. It likely will be below freezing tonight.

Just outside my tent is a tree that has fallen against another tree and is being held up by it. Woodpeckers also did a job on it. The tree is moaning and creeking… if it ever does fall, it will be away from camping areas. It is just neat to hear.

Very little wildlife was spotted lately and I have been looking hard. Also not much vegetation out yet either here. Some valleys have more favorable microclimates, but over all, still looks like early spring.

4 thoughts on “Day 47

  1. Sometimes it’s good to be a light sleeper, like when those first light drops of rain begin to fall! The sun is getting pretty high, when it’s out… trail should start drying soon… always a welcome sign! Enjoy the trail, J.

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  2. Absolutely beautiful picture “again” Jason. The bridge doesn’t look real safe but the water looks refreshing.
    Safe travels.

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  3. I have to say you look good with a beard!


    1. Thanks. Should I keep it after the hike?


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