Day 49

Hiked 21 miles today to a campsite about a mile past Knot Maul Branch Shelter. It was a lot of hard work today, but it seemed to fly by.

In the morning, I hiked to the old Lindamood School, which is a one room schoolhouse that is no longer is use, but they keep it open for hikers and other people. The local Methodist church had put a lot of trail magic inside it. Thank you.

I met a handful of trail maintainers who were out working to keep the trail in good shape. I thanked each of them. The gentleman with the axe has been a trail maintainer for 40 years and has more energy than most college age people. He knows so much about the trail and local history, we talked a lot. He and his wife met me for a second time towards the end of the day in another spot. Super great people.

The scenery was highly varied today and it was great. Amazing farms, meadows and mountains. Little farms that existed since 1749.

Spring is coming to this area of the mountains. Plants are leafing out. It might not be long before views are blocked by vegetation, at least in this area.

7 thoughts on “Day 49

  1. Pretty cool area,The history, Love the rules for the teachers! HA! Glad your meeting local folks, getting there stories, every body got one if we just take the time to hear them . 21 mile days really crusing! Keep the positive attitude ,that speaks volumes about you as well! Finally weathers better!

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    1. Thanks Randy. Last night ran into a guy named Two Fer. He was smoking a cigar after his hike. I told him about you.


  2. Yes, A good day’s mileage, J. Very scenic too. I found the Teacher Rules interesting. I have too many bad habits according to the rules! I usually carry a small flask of brandy for a sip each evening when hiking, while I enjoy a small Cohiba (pequenos) near the campfire… often with friends when we camp/hike together… one of my favorite parts of the day! I think spring has sprung, and things will be greening up quickly. Enjoy it!

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  3. Sure seems being active like those old guys keeps you younger than sitting around a lot. Good for them! Glad you’re having fun! serious mileage you’re putting on!!!


  4. Looks like you had a beautiful day. We finally hit 60 on Sunday and the snow is finally melting. It will all be gone before your folks get home. I snap shot the rules and punishment at the school and am going to send it to my school teacher niece so thanks for sharing.


  5. Who knew you’d get so many great history lessons on this journey. And meet so many wonderful folks. We continue to enjoy living vicariously through you! LOL
    Great pics and great stories, as always! šŸ™‚

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