Day 50

It is the Big 50. I think it is pretty special.

I slept like a rock last night. I woke up suddenly at 6:30 a.m. and it was so bright, I thought for a minute I had slept until noon. Normally, I wake up naturally around 5:30 a.m. out here, but I lay there and wake up slowly.

Today, I hiked about 19 miles to Jenkins Shelter to camp for the night. Had planned on doing a shorter day, after some longer days, but water was not available, so I had to push on.

For the first half of the day I just was not feeling it. Had a big honey bun for my first breakfast and then some Poptarts for my second breakfast. Everything felt hard to move, in addition I had a 2,125 foot climb first thing. A good chunk of it was very steep. I just got moving and got it done.

Had lunch on the edge of a tall sandstone cliff, watching buzzards ride the thermals. I felt a lot better after the lunch break. I had some tortillas filled with Spam, peanut butter and some cheddar cheese, plus some water with electrolytes added.

In this pond there were some frogs/toads making sounds I never heard before. They sounded like long, slow, deep stomach rumbles.

Depending on who you believe, forecast calls for rain starting late tonight or early tomorrow. I am ready for whatever.

Time to get to bed, but will massage the feet and leg first. There are some Whiperwills being loud around me. To me they sound like a car alarm going off.


8 thoughts on “Day 50

  1. Scenic countryside, seems like dry trails, enjoy the day!


  2. Fifty days is a big deal, they are whining on the show Survivor after 39 days. We are in Cabo San Lucas today, and then we head to Los Angeles in a couple days. The weather here finally came down, I swear it was 100 and the humidity was the same. Dang hot for us, but wonderful people all around. Heading out for more walking about the tourist area. We will have to talk when we get home. Have a wonderful day and a good night. Love You, Dad and Mom


  3. Hmmmm… sticky buns and pop tarts maybe should be for dessert? LOL


    1. There is no dessert out here, it is just eating what you can get your hands/mouth on. Would love add some dessert though, the real good stuff.


  4. Hey Jason, wow 50 days, seems to me the time is flying by, I know you are enjoying the journey as much as all of us, thanks again for all that you are sharing with us.
    Wish we had more of an opportunity to write to you, WiFi is difficult to find on this trip. We are always thinking about you.
    Mom and Dad.


    1. Thanks, think of you both too. Have a great adventure.


  5. What a milestone – 50 days! You are quite the hiking machine but one with lots of heart and spirit. Beautiful scenes and sound like wonderful people on and off the trail. Think of you every day.

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