Day 51

The owls and Whiperwills were very vocal last night. I always enjoy hearing the wildlife at the unique time of tbe day the various animals are active.

Had some slight rain sprinkles last night. Around 9:45 p.m. two hikers came into camp at Jenkins Shelter to set up and spend the night. Hiker midnight is about 8 p.m. These guys woke everyone up. In my opinion, proper ettiqute would have been for them to find a stealth site, so as not to disturb the others.

Anyways, got packed up in the morning and everything was dry. Had a short 11 mile hike into Bland, Virginia today for a food resupply. From camp there were a few short climbs, but it was generally a fairly flat hike. The wind picked up and it started raining around 10 a.m.

Got into Bland and did the food resupply to get me to Pearisburg, Virginia. Decide to spend the night in town. Locals say there are no stoplights in the whole county. The Bland area is mostly farming.

Wildlife sightings still has been sparse. I attribute that to weather and lack of food yet at the higher elevations.

In May 1864, Union forces fought a skirmish with Confederate forces while attacking the Tennessee and Virginia railroad during the Civil War.

13 thoughts on “Day 51

  1. Hope you get good sleep in town… maybe a burger and beer too!


    1. Had a burger…pizza on the way Sir!

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  2. I have hiked this part of the AT many times! I hope it treats you well.


    1. Thanks Shayne! Hope you are having fun too!


  3. Your progress continues to impress. And you’re looking very fit! I can’t believe the elevation changes and mileage you’re putting in. I’m sure it’s hard to get enough calories in your body with how physical your days are. You are an inspiration!

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    1. Getting enough food is a challenge, major challenge. I try to pig out in town to help a little. I am ready to accidentally nap 😀


  4. Pace Car I have a tip for you to increase wildlife sightings. Before bed tonight rub a sticky bun all over your body and leave sticky bun next to your pillow. This should help!!! 😉 Keep up the good work buddy, love the Blog updates and photos!

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    1. I will give it a shot. I will bring the exact sticky bun back to you for your breakfast enjoyment.


      1. Ok, but it has to be the exact same one…and you have to give it a trail name!

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  5. So you haven’t heard any turkeys? Should be a bunch of gobbling going on out there by now. I hunted not far from where you are at right now in the late 1980s. I remember how steep it was, and the black bear I ran into walking back to camp right before dark. You may not be seeing much wildlife but I bet they watching you. Be safe!

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    1. Hey Mark! I have heard turkeys on a few days, but have not seen them. You be safe too!


  6. Congrats on great progress and in seeing the beauty everywhere. I so enjoy seeing your pictures and reading your stories. What an adventure and achievement!
    The things I wonder as I read every day:
    What has surprised you the most so far?
    What’s the most important thing you’ve learned?
    How does your pace compare to your plan?
    What kind of trail magic do you hope for the most?
    I feel like a teacher giving an essay assignment, but just want to understand even more as I follow along.
    Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration.

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    1. Thank you Jane. We are all students and teachers in life at the same time, so its all good.

      What has surprised me the most, is the pure honest kindness and generosity of total strangers to us thru hikers. It is out of this world and is restoring my faith in human kindness.

      The most important thing I learned, is to let go of fear, live in the moment and believe things will work out as they should, on the trail and life.

      My pace is right on target with my plan. Which was start slow and let the body adapt, then slowly increase once the body is ready and trail conditions permit. Just put in a good days effort and listen to your body and hopefully it works out. So many factors can impact life out here, just cannot over analyze it.

      For trail magic, I crave a cold coke or fresh fruit on one hand. On the other hand, its super nice just knowing someone cares what we are going through out here and support us, which means more than food. Sometimes, I just crave a hug too. Just being honest.

      Thanks for asking your questions.


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