Day 52

Brrrrr…hiked 18.4 miles today from Bland, Virginia to Kimberling Creek in the rain. It was about 45 degrees all day long and fairly windy. I was soaking wet everywhere.

The trail was in pretty good shape today. There were not any distant views today, as I was literally in the clouds.

However, the green plants seemed to be extra green today. Mostly, I was hiking on a rocky ridge today.

I also passed the 600 mile mark today. WHAT!!!

Backpacking can be a very dirty endeavour. The trail was full of water, the clay soils were slippery. I was very dirty today, no question.

Near the end of the days hike, I crossed a cool suspension bridge over a river. The bridge swayed and bobbed as I crossed over.

My feet were soaked in water all day. I am going to let them dry out tonight, they are in need of some TLC. Tonight, I also decided to stay at the Lickskillet Hostel to dry out. It is in a old church and it feels like a cozy place, just one big room. There are nine people here tonight. The owner took me to an Amish Deli, where they made me an incredible sandwich for $4.99. In the room is a small propane heater as the only heat source.

At the end of the day, it really is the small things in life that I most appreciate, like good company, good food and good views. I do not need all the things in life we accumulate, just not for me. I have some things at home I value, but I value relationships and experiences too and I think this trip is making me value them even more and the things even less, generally.

I miss everyone and hope everyone is well. Hope I am missed at least just a little bit.😎

11 thoughts on “Day 52

  1. Looked like a endurance day,Still pounding out the miles! In my back patio , I have a small carin among some garden art, When I’m having my daily cigar, I’ll glance at it ,wonder what your facing at that moment….Of couse your 3 hrs later than me,

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  2. Jess, Chad, Dean and Ryan April 24, 2018 — 11:16 pm

    We miss you a ton. It was so fun to hear from you last night. Man, you look filthy!!!!!

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  3. A rough day on the trail, all wet and cold, and muddy. Then a good deli sandwich, and a roof over your head for the night. Not bad… easy for me to say, ha! Hope your feet are feeling better tomorrow!


  4. Whoo Hoo 600 miles that is a great accomplishment!!!! Glad you are in a warm dry place tonight. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.


  5. I know of least one very lovely, lonely girl who lives around here who misses you a great deal.


  6. Hey Jason! So enjoying your blog!! Glad to hear your having an amazing experience…. your one lucky dude! Take good care and enjoy every minute. Oh yah…..Floyd says “HI!”

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    1. Nice of you to say! Please tell Flyod I need a cheese omlet, hashbrowns and some sausage from the man, and a dose of his daily humor. You take care and see ya in the future. Party on


  7. So proud of your 600 miles, you have to know you are missed so much, but would not want things for you any other way, living your dream, OK maybe a nightmare at times, with all the mud in your picture. We will be back in the states tomorrow and in away look forward to that, even though we have enjoyed the sites, just four more days, and home. Take care and have yourself a good rest, the church you stayed at looks rather homey I must say. Love Dad and Mom

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    1. I do know I am missed. Have safe travels back home.


  8. I’m glad your day ended with a dry place to sleep and someone that new a good place to eat. Your shoes don’t look so new anymore. I think you can say their broken in now, Ha Ha.
    Looking forward to the next time I see you.

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    1. That’s my second pair, destroyed the previous pair. Working on killing this pair of shoes. See ya on one of the holidays I imagine.


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