Day 53

This morning I woke up feeling rested and at peace. The last week or so, I did some long and hard miles and I think it was just catching up to me. I hit the trail today around 9 a.m. Pretty relaxed day. Before I got going, I had a conversation with Mongo, the guy who owns Lickskillet Hostel. In short, it was centered around how the trail and the vast majority of hikers, accept people for who they are and do not try to force their values on others. We call this “Hike your own hike.” It really applies to life out here, far beyond hiking, its a code of respect and its held dear. I think it has a place in the larger world too.

Hiked 12.8 miles today. Have a stealth camping spot near Sugar Run Mountain. The trails were wet today, after two days of rain, it is expected. Had some light rain on and off today.

Near Sugar Run Mountain saw two deer. They ran off in opposite directions, made me wonder if they were trying to distract me from a nearby fawn. I will never know.

There were not too many views today. due to rain and fog. There were some however between breaks. I think Spring is really trying hard to get a foothold in these mountains, it has not been easy this year.

Tomorrow, I will be taking the day off from hiking. Trying to take a zero every 7 to 10 days to rest the body and mind, both of which are heavily used on the trail.

As of now, a thick fog has rolled in tonight, accompanied by those jet engine like winds. The speed of sound travels faster than the wind (lol…thankfully), so I can hear the big wind gusts coming a little before they reach me. It is fun.

If there is anything about trail life you want me to address, feel free to ask.

Good night everyone!

6 thoughts on “Day 53

  1. Looks like the woods are quickly greening up, J. I think spring has arrived… the sun is high and the plants are eating it all up. Enjoy the trail, it should be getting pretty nice for the next 4-6 weeks, then the heat and humidity will start making it rough. Savor those easy days. The Whites will be work! Sleep well!


  2. Can we gets some details about what you packed? Like what kind and how many clothes did you pack? Anything creature comforts you splurged on?


    1. Sure. I will add that to the blog post for today. Thanks for asking.


  3. It does look like spring is slowly coming, must be great to see. As far as your creature comforts, just wondering if you wish you had the travel pillow, me being me, sure wish you would have had room for it, but also realize shoes and socks are more important. I have a question also, is the trail what you thought it would be?


  4. Oh fun photo of the ground pines. They’re quite the unique species. It’s more closely related to ferns or mosses than the pine trees it resembles. Pretty neat, you can’t really dig them up and use them in your garden as they just don’t survive. Pretty cool. Hope you’re still having a good time. Miss you around the office. Some folks as if we think you’ll come back. I tell them I sure hope so…

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    1. I am having a great time. Miss you.

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