Day 61 and 62

Today is a rest day, a glorious rest day. The sun is shining intensly, the birds are singing in town. The body and mind are recovering.

Here is a fun bluegrass song about Virginia, since that is where I am now.

I am full after breakfast and lunch and now dinner. As I was eating, the drinks came with ice in them. Ice in drinks is so mindblowing at this stage of the hike. It is so simple of a thing, but yet such a luxury. Savor the little things in life. It is an interesting read about ice as it developed into a luxury item and status symbol in America and around the world. You will have to do your own leg work on that.

I was hanging around the hiker hotel. The clerk was being asked trail questions from an Australian couple. The clerk was very nice, but knew nothing about the trail, but he asked me to help and I was able to.

I wanted a drive a few miles down the road to go somewhere, so I used Lyft. My driver played violin for 40 years in the Russian National Philharmonic. That is no small accomplishment. It was a real priveledge to meet him. It is funny who you meet. My driver is a world class musician. Amazing, humbling and thrilling for me all at the same time.

Went to a small outdoors store in town. I had to get a few new things to replace some gear items that were or were about to wear out. Tomorrow, I will go to the grocery store and get ready to hit the trail the next day.

Good night ya’ll on Day 61.

Day 62 is the last rest day this leg. It was also food resupply day. Below is a picture of a typical 4 day supply of trail food. Each day provides about 3,800 calories. It seems to give me enough energy to get through each day. I also add a multi-vitamin each day. I am not saying this is a healthy way to eat, but it is typical for thru hikers. Pretty high in fat, carbs and protein.

11 thoughts on “Day 61 and 62

  1. There was a lot of Australians on our cruise also, they were real fun people, I bet you enjoyed talking with them. You certainly did have a talented Lyft driver, you just don’t know what other people have done with their life I guess . We had a beautiful weather day today so did some raking outside and you had three blooms on your orchids, I forgot my iPad but dad took some pictures with his iPod. Hope your weather continues to be good, and enjoy the down time.


    1. It will be 90 degrees today, but in town for the day. Think temps drop into the 70s this week. Enjoy being home.


  2. Really nice that you are having a day of rest, you sure earned it. With the warmer weather coming will you have to change out some of your equipment and clothing? We are looking forward to more of your photos.
    Have a really great day, I can’t believe that you’ve been on the trail for 61 days!!


    1. I have only one or two things to consider sending home. It still gets cold in the mountains until May is past generally.


  3. I know what your saying about the ice. The first time I went to Europe in 1979, you could not get a coke with ice. Had to drink it at room temp. Could not wait to get home for an ice cold coke. Oh, the little things in life. Two months on the trail and you’ve experienced a lifetime of memories already Jason. 🤗

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    1. I have and I am always looking forward to what is next.


  4. Nice work my Brother

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  5. Wow!!! You’re going to be blowing a 5000ug/m3 on the lumex with all that tuna! We might have to send you to detox! LOL at least you have a system figured out. I would have a really hard time with the same stuff every day. I see why you say town food is so important. You really want it after that. But then again, for you food is just a fuel to get somewhere, versus us here in the office looking at grey cube walls. Food is our only entertainment some days! Ok, well, lunch is over and it’s time to pay some invoices. Thanks for the updates, keep on keepin on!!!

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    1. I try to enjoy trail food, but it really is just fuel and that is how we look at in on the trail. People are never excited to eat, sometimes it is something we even force ourselves to do. It is all about having enough energy to make it up the next mountain or the next mile.


  6. The breakfast needs some improvement, however no suggestions.

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  7. Jason, I took some pictures of your orchids this week but don’t know how to get them onto your blog so I’ll post them on Facebook, if I can figure it out have a great night I know you’re looking forward to the trail tomorrow, keep your feet dry, and your eyes open for more critters.


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