Day 63

Today, I hiked 18.5 miles to the Bobblets Gap Shelter.

It was a nice hike today. Rain was predicted, but as the day went, the forecasts changed and so far no rain, but still a chance.

Passed by an ordinary looking area in the woods named Colliers Pit. In the late 1700s and early 1800s they made charcoal here to fire the early local iron furnaces before coal was used.

Stopped to get water from a creek and noticed a snake swimming in the water. It went under a ledge. I got my water.

Today, mountain views were hard to come by. The vegetation has really come out in short order, it seems so sudden.

Spotted an orchid today, hoping for more.

I am about a week or so away from Shenandoah National Park. I am looking forward to that area.

Hope everyone has a good night. It is time for me to do some stretching before bed.

3 thoughts on “Day 63

  1. The pictures have changed dramatically, so very green, it looks even more beautiful. Weren’t you lucky to see the lady slipper, don’t care how many times one appears it is always such a treat. We have been having summer weather here too, so nice to see everything green up. Will be interesting to hear about Shanadoah national park, how long does it take to get through it, while enjoying the scenery? Hope you have a good nights rest.


  2. Hello, J. Nice trail mileage you’ve been getting. It sure doesn’t take long for the brush and trees to green-up, reducing most views to about 25-50 yds. (if that). However that reduced sight line does serve to keep you more focused on the immediate trail… and you’ll appreciate the longer scenic views all the more, when you do come upon them.

    ‘Sharkbait’ has been in the Shenandoah Valley/Waynseboro area recently, and has enjoyed the sunny weather.

    I spent the past few days visiting a friend up in Nisswa, MN. Gull Lake was still pretty ice-covered, but smaller lakes and channels were open. A couple more days and the ice should be gone! Lake Minnetonka officially declared ice-out yesterday -May 5th, the latest date since 1857.

    Enjoy spring along the trail, J.

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    1. Thank you. It is beautiful with everything green too. There is a sweet, fresh smell in the air. I hope when Spring comes to MN for real, you enjoy it too, I know you will. The lakes in MN are amazing.

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