Day 64

Last night we had a little rain shower, while I slept. Nothing major, could see lightening off in the distance, but it never came my way.

I hiked 19.6 miles today. Tonight, I am stealth camping by a little creek. The mountains today started off in the clouds. Those burned off and it was mostly sunny for a while. The mountain air just had a sweet smell to it, unlike any part of the trail so far. Afternoon and early evening it rained on and off. It was warm enough, that I did not bother putting rain gear on.

The views changed a lot today, depending on the weather. Plant life is very abundant here. Lot of little lizards were out in the sun.

9 thoughts on “Day 64

  1. I love “Lily of the Valley” maybe that’s why things smell so sweet!


  2. Sounds like everything is going well, and ur in ur groove! 😉


  3. Beautiful, lots of pages flipped through on the AT guide, amazing flowers and greenery sure looks good, have a good one.

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  4. Have you seen any fish in those beautiful streams that you’re camping next to you?
    The pictures as usual are great, What are the chances of seeing more photos of the people you meet on the trail? I would love to hear the stories that go along with them.


    1. I have seen little fish, cray fish, frogs, snakes and salamanders in the streams. I will see about adding more people.


  5. Again, your pictures speak thousands of words.


  6. Wow, the pictures keep getting more beautiful as things green up! Love the flowers, too. Glad to see you are still making good time and enjoying the little things. We all still think of you often and wish you good hiking.

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    1. thank you. I am pleased to know you.


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