Day 65

Good day everybody! Today, I hiked about 17.5 miles. I am camped two miles or so, south of Glasgow, Virginia. Tomorrow, I will enter the town for resupply and right back to the trail.

Today, I “got” to hike through the guillotine, on the trail. It’s a boulder wedged up above two rock walls.

Also walked through the most blooming trilliums I have ever seen for a few miles. Locals say you won’t see this anywhere else on the AT. It was spectacular by any measure. No picture can do it justice.

Today was a nice hike. A nice hike does not mean easy. There was a lot of elevation change yesterday and today. But it was just nice.

I made it to camp, along a nice creek. First thing I always do is set up my tent right away, no matter how nice it looks out. Then while it was still nice, I soaked my feet in the cool water of the creek and rinsed out the clothing I wore today while hiking. Back to that no matter how nice it looks part…sunny day today a few clouds. My dinner just finished cooking, then dark clouds suddenly rolled in and gave a down pour of rain. Me and my gear are all dry, except the clothes I rinsed out, they are getting a second rinse on the clothes line.

Side note…they say your feet swell from hiking so much. So I took a picture of my current hiking shoes, next to the Croc shoes I started the trail with.

9 thoughts on “Day 65

  1. Well J, I think you better soak your feet a little longer -looks like those crocs might still be a bit tight! 😉 I hear ya, when you talk about immediately setting up your tent when you get off the trail for the day -you gotta take advantage of the good weather while you’ve got it… it can change quickly w/o any notice. Looks like it was a nice day!


  2. So funny, I know those are Not your crocs, because you did not start with any, you still can’t fool me.


  3. Jess, Chad, Dean and Ryan May 8, 2018 — 6:55 pm

    Ha ha. Nice crocs Jason!!!!

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  4. Good to see your sense of humor has returned 😉


  5. Good one 😃

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  6. Theodore Badio May 9, 2018 — 2:42 pm

    Hi Jason, I missed you around here big guy and inquired about you and when I saw you I could not recognize you. I’m keeping up with you now. Enjoy! Titto Badio/MPCA

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    1. Thanks Buddy. I miss you. Hope you are doing well and hope to see you after my hike. I will need lots of Titto time!!!!


  7. THOSE TRILLIUMS!!! Wow. Stunning! I bet you really enjoyed that.
    I can’t get over the variety in landscapes and scenery that you’re getting on this journey. What a thrill! And the critter encounters that you can see when you take a second to look around. Keep up the good work. We’re all so excited for you and all you’ve accomplished already! But your sense of humor is missed, especially in the Remediation mini redesign sessions. LOL Don’t think about that stuff. I’m sorry I even brought it up. 🙂

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    1. I miss you. Thanks for the encouragement and kind words. It helps me on those tough days.


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