Day 66

Woke up this morning at camp and hiked along the James River for 1.5 miles or so. The crossed the James River with the longest footbridge on the AT.

Tried hitchhiking into town on a sparsley used road for 45 minutes to no avail. Then a hostel shuttle driver showed up at the trailhead to drop some hikers off. Got a ride to the grocery store in Glasgow, Virginia that way. A random guy outside the grocery store just gave me a ride back to the trail. He told of seeing bigfoot many times and a bigfoot child he saw grow up over the years. haha.

Got back on the trail and hiked about 18.5 miles today. I am glad it was cloudy today, as there was a longer stretch without water and a few water sources were almost dried up.

Had some views today. The views feel like the reward for the climbing. Also passed the 800 mile mark on this trip today.

I got buzzed by F16 fighter planes flying fast and barely above the trees a few times today. Not sure what was going on, but it was loud and way cool.

Came across a memorial on top of a mountain, for a 4 year old who for some reason left school once there, but died on the mountain and was found a while after I heard. I will look up on the internet to see what information is available when I have access.

At a stealth site tonight along a lake. The frogs are very loud tonight. It is a very nice camp spot.

5 thoughts on “Day 66

  1. Nice trail scenery. I bet those jets were very loud… and very fast!


    1. You would be correct Sir!


  2. Your views are beautiful, what a dream you are living. We saw military jets at Ft Snelling take off one time during a visit, will never forget how loud and fast it went up and disappeared, just crazy. Can’t believe it is 800 miles, who would do that?


  3. Great pics!

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