Day 68

20.7 miles were hiked today. Camped up at the Priest Shelter.

The day started off in Buena Vista, VA. I got a hitch in the morning, but only 8 miles up the mountain towards the trailhead. I walked on the road the last 2 miles to the trailhead.

It was a lot of steep up hill climbs today. But there was also some flats and down hills, like most days.

Passed a day hiker and a short term hiker today. Nice people. But they smell so clean and look clean and fresh. On the other hand, I am unshaven, sweaty, ungroomed, I smell and all my gear does, I am dirty and my gear is. I have dirt, mud and bugs stuck to me, cut up legs, I usually hike with my only shirt fully unbuttoned. Such a fun contrast.

Around midday when having lunch, started hearing some thunder and the skies grew dark. Not long after, felt the cool thunderstorm downdraft…then pouring rain and high winds came, with a lot of lightening and of course a lot of pea sized hail. Luckily it was warm, so I just hiked soaking wet as the trail turned into a muddy river.

Got to camp, a lot (maybe 15) of people were here. Got set up and had a few sprinkles and cracks of thunder, but skies cleared. Cooked up some dinner and chatted with other hikers before bed.

12 thoughts on “Day 68

  1. Sure, just when a guy gets his rhythm hiking in the rain, trudging through the mud, battling the bugs, and fighting fatigue, the rain lets up! What’s up with that? Smelling good is only important when you’re with someone you care about. Haha!
    Seriously, sounds like you had a tough day, always good to remind yourself that the trail ahead will offer new experiences and opportunities.


    1. everyday is something new.


  2. Love the contrast between day hikers and yourself, made me laugh


  3. I look forward to reading your posts every morning. Don’t know what I will do when you complete this journey!! 🙂

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    1. I cant help ya there. I will need a rest. haha

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  4. Aah yes, the life and look of a thru-hiker -wear the badge proudly, J. 😉 However, I think it’s mostly the bugs, mud and cut up legs that give you up! Sometimes a good rain really does the body well (now that its warmer weather mostly)… a trail shower takes care of the mud and bugs, even washes off the blood; almost makes your clothes look fresh -all without even taking them off, or even getting off-trail! Only a real thru-hiker can really appreciate it! Other week-end warrior, day-hikers, turn up their noses, and utter ‘yuk’ to themselves. A real soapy laundry, and a hot shower using soap are treats never before ‘really’ appreciated. It’s those ‘finer things’ in life, that only the thru-hiker can really appreciate. Granted, some of those dehydrated meals can taste pretty dam good after a long day, it’s the old fashioned juicy burger, malt, cold beer and maybe a shot of whiskey and a cigar, that you’ll remember! Yes, it’s the little things in life that stick with us. Cheers… to all the thru-hikers! A badge well-earned!
    Enjoy the trail, J.


  5. So you got a shower in after all😝


  6. The description of smell gave me a flash back to the bleacher seats at Old Faithful, So a little oderous has its atvantages! How many pairs of socks have rotted off? As I recall your feet were NOT lavender scented.


    1. lol…and that was just two weeks smell that cleared all the tourists out. lol


  7. What are you cooking up for your evening meals? We have heard about the morning honey buns and pop tarts but not much about camp meals.


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