Day 74

Today I made it about 20 miles to near Big Meadows. It was a rainy day, but it was warm so it was not that bad being wet. Tomorrow is predicted to be even more wet with up to 5 inches of rain. My fingers get wet and wrinkle up and the phone gets wet and with that my phone gets way to hard to use.

Stopped by Loft Mountain Wayside during the hike. Got a microwavable burger, some chips and a Gatorade.

Hiked to Big Meadows Wayside to resupply. But they were closed as they lost power a day or two ago. I have extra food so am fine. All the other waysides I passed by were open but had to use pen and paper to add up the cost of purchases.

7 thoughts on “Day 74

  1. Hopefully the rains will move on in a day or two… easy for me to say! We’ve got a couple of days of rain headed our way off the plains too. What’s that old saying, ‘spring showers bring May flowers.’ There you go… more bright flowers will soon appear along the trail. Keep the pics coming,J.


  2. Scientist theorize that wrinkly fingers developed to give us an evolutionary advantage to better grip wet things/things under water. Ponder that as your fingers prune up next time. Mother nature hasn’t caught up to touch screen smart phones though I suppose. We are thinking about you my friend and reflecting on how amazing your journey is. Be proud of what you are doing!

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    1. So true my friend…proud of you guys too and to know you.


  3. I love the picture of the trail leading off into the fog, it looks very lonely, yet inviting. Know that you are not alone, we all look forward to your pictures and your thoughts. I think we all have the tendency to overlook the little things in life that can affect us as much as the larger events we face each day, continue to post the little things you may experience or encounter on your journey, as it provides us with a more intimate experience.
    Hope your fingers recover so you can continue to give us with daily updates. Stay safe.


  4. Oh my, what is in the cocoon?😲


    1. Little worms my friend!


    2. Friendly little worms…


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