Day 73

It was a 23.6 mile day for me today. Hiking from Blackrock Hut to a stealth site near Skyline Drive. I passed the 900 mile mark today. DANG!!!!

I am not happy with the new shoes, they do not seem supportive enough, but it’s only been two days. I have to wear them until I reach a outfitter at a minimum. They work for now.

I was feeling strong all day today, even in the heat and high humidity. I was hiking with a group of 6 others for most of the day…not directly with but we would see each other a lot. A lot of water was consumed today, luckily it was all cold at the various sources.

We all stopped off at the Loft Mountain Campground store in the morning. Had to get some snacks (pop and ice cream). Plus, I broke a tent stake in the rocks last night, so it awesome to be able to replace it. It was a very rocky camp spot.

Came across a nice patch of lady slipper orchids today too. Made my day.

Saw a good looking timber rattlesnake towards the end of the day and it was a big one. A guy was hiking 10 or 20 yards in front of me, when I see him jump up and turn around and run back in my direction. He told me why he was dancing, so I took a look. It was rattling and unhappy. So took a picture a safe distance away and went down in the woods and around to give it a respectful distance and we went on our way.

The group stopped at Hightop Hut for the night. There was distant thunder. I pushed on up over the mountain and down, taking the first good patch of ground to sleep on. Good thing, not too much after thunderstorms came to where I was.

6 thoughts on “Day 73

  1. Congrats on the 900 mi. milestone, J. And also on the snake avoidance. I have bad hearing, and am always concerned about not hearing the rattles, so I keep an extra eye on the trail… always watching!


    1. It is hard to hear sometimes for various reasons. So I try to look and listen in case one fails me.

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  2. Snakes are awesome!!! Thanks for not harassing or killing it, and I’m sure you’re happy it did not do the same to you 🙂
    Keep on keeping on!!!


  3. Congrats on 900 miles!!!!!!! We are all supportive of you even if your shoes are not. We look forward to your blogs every day along with the beautiful pictures. Keep on trekking and stay safe.

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  4. Great pictures of both the snake and the lady slippers, I can’t believe it’s 900 miles already!!!!!
    Congratulations, seems to me you’re making great time. Hope the new shoes work out for you, as they are probably the most important item you have.
    Stay safe, we are always thinking about you.

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