Day 72

Today, I hiked from Waynesboro to Blackrock Hut in Shanandoah National Park. It was about a 21 mile hike.

As I am writing this in my tent, there is a pretty good thunderstorm going on. I knew it was coming, so I ate early. Just as I finished, the downdraft came from the storm and things started getting a little loud and a little close, too close a few times. One bolt, as everyone in camp was wrapping up dinner, made everyone duck it was so close and everything shook. Mountain thunderstorms. I am not too far away from coal country and will be near it in a few weeks. As the storm rages outside, seems fitting to share a link to a song about people of the area and coal.

11 thoughts on “Day 72

  1. Good you had dinner before it hit, hoping your tent does a good job keeping water out. You always enjoy a good storm, maybe on the mountain you feel different. Did the new shoes work out for you? Have a good nights rest and enjoy your day tomorrow.

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  2. Oh Yah, Lightning, Yikes I still remember the Flash, Was thnking on my walk today, May 15th, The Voyager must be getting ready to make its first run of the season. Guess you have somethingelse going on! Stay Strong!


    1. Nothing like those close call flashes…and not talking about the kind during Mardi Gras. First boat would have left a few days ago perhaps to IR.


  3. Thanks for the link to the Patty Loveless song. It’s beautiful. Love it!!! Since you are approaching coal country, perhaps you might also enjoy Paradise by John Prine. Not sure if the AT goes through Muhlenberg County, but sure would be cool if it did. Even cooler if you crossed the Green River – it’s where paradise lay.


  4. Shenandoah! Shenandoah! I love it there.


  5. Patty is the best! Always been a fan but never heard that one before. Thanks for the link. Stay dry and now that you have some hair you now have a built in lightening detector!

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    1. If it sticks straight up, that’s not bad, right? Ha


  6. I can remember when you would sit on the front porch and just wait for a big thunderstorm, you loved them!


  7. Good song! I agree. Much of my family on my Dad’s side started off in PA, coal mines and all that. Many are still living there. Grandpa picked up coal that fell off the trains as a kid and put it in his wagon to take home to heat the house. The homes in the PA valleys were so coated in the haze from mining and coal burning and steel industry that they turned black and had to be washed. Amazing when you consider air quality warnings and how far we’ve come these days!


  8. High winds, heavy rain…beware high water, falling trees…good night for shelter!


    1. Made it ok last night with a minor storm.

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