Day 76

I hiked about 24.9 miles today to the Tom Floyd Wayside to camp.

It was raining all day again. Kind of a cold rain. I kept the cell phone away most of the day, it gets too hard to use when my fingers get all full of wrinkles.

At lunch time I stopped in a park store with hiking friends Moose and Chickapee for a burger and some other items.

I exited Shenandoah National Park today. For the last few days I was in the rain and clouds. The trail was literally a river for days and I was walking through ankle deep water for miles. Not a complaint, just how it is. Good foot care in the tent should keep the trench foot away. I have been keeping warm and dry in my tent, so that is good. I look forward to putting on my soaking wet and cold clothes each morning. HAHA NOT! Nothing dries out in this weather. It is a test of will and mine is strong.

9 thoughts on “Day 76

  1. PartAnimal PartMachine May 19, 2018 — 6:31 am

    Your tires look like you have some great tread, PaceCar! A baseball cap always seems to assist the comfort and functionality of my rain coat. Rain has many lessons to teach… Many teachers you are experiencing on this journey, you are.

    For the wild – PartAnimalPartMachine


  2. Jessica, Chad, Dean and Ryan May 19, 2018 — 8:59 am

    Strong willed describes you for sure. Take care of those tootsies. Hoping for some dry weather for you.


  3. I have a image in my mind,Your standing on the edge of a rocky slope with driving rain, thunder bone chilling cold,Your face is to the Sky and your yelling’ Is that all youve got! Ha, This is nothing! And gods thinking, ‘I was going to send in a lightning bolt , but this guys ‘Nuts’ better leave him alone!

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    1. I am nuts, certified nuts for sure…I was laughing. Other people thought it was so bad. In my head I was thinking, I know bad and this is not it. LOL


  4. Wow that was a lot of water on the trail! Does your shoes dry out after all that? Plus your feet good luck ,they look sore ( scary).Hope the rain stops soon for you.

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    1. Shoes never dry out in these conditions. Dry days are a head.


  5. Good trail mileage, but feet don’t look good. Take it easy, J. The journey is the destination. You and the feet have to stay healthy… you still have a few miles to complete! Take a zero/nero now and then and let those bare feet get some good sunlight! Ok, no more advice from the peanut gallery! Hope you see the sun soon!
    ps I think Sharkbait hiked w/ Chickapee off and on recently.


    1. It’s all good brother. After drying out overnight, the feet look brand new. I take care of them well. The foot pic was from right out of wet boots.

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  6. Jason, I said it before you’re the man, you got this! Al

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