Day 77

Today, I hiked about 3 miles into Front Royal, Virginia. During the hike this morning I saw a lot of deer. I also crossed more rivers, I mean the Appalachian Trail. It was knee deep or a little higher in places today. Good thing I just put my soaking wet clothes back on this morning. I was warm and dry last night in my tent.

There was a Civil War battle fought here. See the link below to read about it, if it interests you.

I got a room at the Mountain Home Hostel for tonight. This place is on the National Historic Register. I am staying in what was the Masters house before the civil war. The still standing slave quarters has been converted to a place to stay for hikers too. This place is unique in that it is still standing. Most places like this were burned to the ground during the war.,_Virginia)

I am drying out here tonight. Then on towards Harpers Ferry, VA. The unofficial halfway point.

4 thoughts on “Day 77

  1. PartAnimal PartMachine May 19, 2018 — 4:19 pm

    Watch the weather change…


  2. Can’t believe you can hike in all that water, dang you are so strong willed, guess we all knew that, but this is over and beyond. Love the hostel you are staying at, can you take pictures inside, if so, please. Sure hope the rain stops for all you hikers, the streams have to be flowing real well now, no shortages for drinking water. Glad you and your clothes are drying out tonight, have a good restful night.


  3. Half way!!!! WOW!!! That’s huge. The rain seems to be coming to you there but it’s been super dry here. The lawns are bone dry and dusty. The weather has been nice though, in terms of being warm and dry mostly. TOo bad the feets are always wet. That is hard. You must have good calluses though, because they can hold up to that condition and still take you so many miles. The scenery still looks awesome, must be neat to stay in historical places. We saw some slave buildings when we were in the south, quite small and must have been so hot and uncomfortable in the summer. We have it so good now… well, maybe not on the trail 😉 Hope you’re well and still enjoying the heck out of your time. You look good!

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    1. Thank you. Full steam ahead and all is as well as can be. I do look good don’t I!!!! Haha


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