Day 80

Last night I set up camp deep in the woods. I had enough water that I did not care there was no water nearby.

During the night, I would shine my light out and it reflected back to me from animal eyes. I determined it was raccoons. They would look at the light and then dodge down and then peak up again, over and over. I enjoyed the fun game before bed. I slept soooo hard and good. Woke up for a minute when I heard light rain.

I packed up camp and got my hike on. 7.5 miles to Harpers Ferry, WV. I have wanted to come here since middle school history class. It was another very rocky hike and steep downs into town and some light rain.

I was laughing and I had happy tears thinking and living this milestone for a lot of reasons.

I stopped in at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Visitor Center as I came into town. They took my picture for me and one for their log book where they try to get one of all thru hikers. They also have a special lounge area for thru hikers to relax in.

I have a room at the Town Inn for a few days.

I am taking two zero days as a treat and explore the town. I will do a separate blog entry on that.

Here are two songs to enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Day 80

  1. Alright, Harpers Ferry… great place, great history, lots to see. Enjoy the zeros!


  2. Two days rest how nice will that be. It looks like a very cool place to visit, quaint and inviting. Enjoy your child hood dreams Jason, not everyone has a chance to do that.


  3. Congrats on reaching Harpers Ferry, Relax get plenty of rest and enjoy your stay, you’ve certainly earned it.
    Will be looking forward to your additional blogs about Harpers Ferry. Get a good nights sleep, so you will be fresh in the morning. Speaking of fresh it’s no wonder the conservatory offers a special area for throu hikers to relax. Ha!


  4. Hope you enjoy Harper’s Ferry, had no idea you always wanted to go there. Read a little about your hostel, will be interesting to hear how you liked it, reviews are all over the place, and of course Gordon Ramsey’s visit gives it even more interest. Like your picture outside the conservancy, but what about the sign that the foot bridge is closed, hope that opens when you need it. Have a great visit, how about a steak dinner, you sure deserve it.


  5. Forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed the song !!😋

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  6. Just a wonderful adventure that you share with us! I don’t know what I am going to do when you complete this journey!! What’s your next adventure?

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  7. P.S. I loved the banjo-pickin’ and Emmylou Harris. People get the mistaken idea that because I am a classical pianist that I enjoy only that. Quite the contrary. Love true country music. It is the soul of America, the heartbeat in each of us.

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    1. All music is good and a lot of it influences other forms. It is how art and human expression grow.

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