Day 79

Hiked about 24.5 miles today. It took me from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. to do it. The weather was pretty good today and due to a week of rain there was a lot of water to drink.

Today, it seemed the trail was full of rocks the entire way that I had to navigate through and often stumble or trip on. There were pockets of deeper water and thick mud on the trail too, left over from the rains. Rocks are hard on my feet as I imagine they are for most people. Not going to lie, the dogs are sore today. Rocks also really slow me down and wear me out.

About half the day was hiking through a section of trail known as “The Roller Coaster.”

It seemed like normal trail to me for the area, lots of small ups and downs. I had a snake start rattling at me in this area, but it was not a rattlesnake. It was a black snake of some sort pretending to be a rattlesnake. Have run into them before, still gets my attention.

The last few miles of the the day were on a rocky ridge. There were a lot of freshly blown over big trees, from the storms last week, it was kinda wild seeing all of them. Trail crew might be busy maybe.

Big highlights from today were breaking the 1,000 mile mark. Also leaving Virginia and entering West Virginia.

11 thoughts on “Day 79

  1. Jeff and Nancy May 22, 2018 — 11:01 am

    Congratulations Jason on 1000 miles! What an accomplishment! Your drive still astonishes us and we are both so very proud of you! Keep up the good work and the great posts. Much love sent your way.

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    1. Thank you. Love powers this trip.


  2. Big milestone knocking off VA! She didn’t go down without a fight though.The little i have read about viginias section, took longer than people thought and was real rocky, Thats all behind now! Along with one thousand miles!Your daily mileage is something ! People probably saying ” What was that blur that went by? ” Smelled like the “Pace Car” 😎 out from az……

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    1. Pace Car stinks like a cross between…well…let’s just say you need to smell for yourself. I am willing to mail funk anywhere, just let me know an address.


  3. Wow Jason! Incredible journey so far. I love reading about the adventure, seeing the sites and catching your humor! I hope you and your feet are holding up. Also, I am curious what a salamander sounds like! Keep on trucking!

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    1. Thank you Dorene. Salamanders are very loud. They are louder than turkeys and have a voice like Danny DeVito.


  4. Dude the way your beard is growing you’ll make a very convincing mall Santa this X-mass season! You’ll need to eat more though…

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    1. I have been practicing my Santa role. Problem is I cannot eat more, I pig out and still lose weight.


  5. 1000 down… Great job J.


  6. Amazing photos, as usual! Really enjoyed seeing what you’ve encountered these past few days. I just came back from a very short couple days of hiking in Colorado and thought about you often as I struggled with terrain, elevation and even just the motivation to keep moving after pausing to enjoy a scenic vista. I often wondered how you find the motivation to keep moving during the hard times, and i am in awe of your fortitude, my friend! Keep on trucking. You are tough as nails! Congrats on the HUGE milestone, too! woo hoo!

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    1. Thank you. I hope you had a wonderful time on your trip! When I need some motivation, I just think about how badly I want/wanted to be out here, I think about my deep reasons of why I want to be out here and I think about/read all of the support I have from family and friends. I also know that the tough times will pass and better days are ahead. Thank you friend!


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