Day 83

Today, I hiked out of West Virginia and into Maryland. I hiked over the Potomic River and along the old C&O Canal towpath.

I was hiking through Gathland State Park. It contains the War Correspondance Momument as well as being the scene of some intense Civil War fighting.

At the same park a lady told me there was trail magic in the ladies bathroom and it should be ok if I wanted some. Haha…so I knocked and in I went..haha Trail Magic!

Also hiked through South Mountain which was the scene of some very intense Civil War fighting. A general from each side was killed in the battle. The battle took place about three days before Antietem, which is just west of here and it was Americas bloodiest day in history with 23,000 casualties in one day.

And finally…haha..I hiked to the original Washington Monument. No the tall one in Washington DC is not the original. No security lines here and I climbed to the top.

I hiked about 24.6 miles today. Found a nice camp spot at Annapolis Rocks. It has a nice spring as the water source and western facing cliffs for a view of the sunset.

5 thoughts on “Day 83

  1. Wow, Gathland State Park, South Mountain, and soon Antietam, Chambersburg, and Gettysburg to the east! A real hike of historical areas!


  2. What a great history day! It makes the Civil War come into reality. The number of casualties is always sobering. It changed my perspective about life in the USA.


  3. Great pictures and interesting history Jason – thank you! Keep enjoying your journey and keep safe!

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  4. Really cool to have all that history as you hike. Thanks for keeping up with the photos and blog. It’s really good to know you’re still out there!!!!

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    1. I am still here…wherever that is.

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