Day 84

Based on yesterdays hike, I got to thinking that Maryland was going to be easy.

Today, I was promptly and thoroughly corrected. I hiked about 16.5 miles. The trail was very rocky today with some steep ups and downs and some boulder work. I saw about a dozen deer in one area. I lost the trail three times, it was poorly marked in the boulder field for sure. A night hike could turn out poorly here.

There were a lot of week long hikers out today. A lot of them wished me well on my journey. Many ask questions about a trip so long. I wished them the best too on their trip.

I stopped for lunch and was looking for my spoon. No spoon was located, then I remembered I left it at camp, on the cliffs.

Towards the end of the day I crossed the Mason Dixon Line, and entered Pennsylvania and left Maryland.

I called a Trail Angel named Squats To Pee to pick me up and bring me to town, since it was close. He is 75 years old and pretty funny and has hiked the trail. He picks up hikers all day long. I came to town to get a spoon. It was late in the day so I called hotels to get a room, but all sold out. I told one place I was a thru hiker and about my spoon, they were sold out but said to come in and they will make it work. When I got in to Waynesboro, PA they had a room for me. Thank you. Thru hikers get treated special for sure. I am greatful and never expect special treatment, but it really does mean a lot.

I got my spoon and resupplied on trail food to get me further down the line. Making the best use of the spoon ordeal as I can. Will be back on the trail first thing in the morning.

6 thoughts on “Day 84

  1. Congrats on reaching another new state, J. And getting north of the Mason-Dixon Line!

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  2. Another Wild Day! The states are dropping fast!… Ok did I read it right……you left your spoon behind! ……….Now i’m worried, Take a boot lace off some sleeping hiker, put a hole in the spoon handle, get it around your neck.


    1. Yes…spoons are handy…I suppose I could have just poured food from a bag into my mouth…I thought about it, but the spoon won…this time.


  3. Jess, Chad, Dean and Ryan May 26, 2018 — 10:43 pm

    You made it to the Mason Dixon line. Yeah!!!! Glad you got a spoon, a room and hopefully some good food and rest.


  4. When you carry everything you need, you can’t afford to lose anything!!! Sounds like it worked out.

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    1. Can’t afford to lose a thing. No luxuries or extra stuff with me.


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