Day 86

Today was a nice low key day. The temperature was not too bad and the cloudy skies helped. I hiked 19.8 miles today to the Pine Grove Furnace State Park.

When I got to the State Park, I stopped in its little store for a burger, fries and shake. I had not planned on staying here, but when I saw the historic Iron Masters Mansion, I had to stay there. The mansion was built in 1829, but the iron furnace dates to the Revoltionary War. This place may have produced iron artillery shells used against the British in Yorktown.

The Inn Keeper is a priest, toured with rock bands doing sound for 15 years, writes books and is an exorcist among other things. He likes telling jokes and impersonations. Good dude and took care of us ragged hikers.

My legs are sore today. I did the best I could with self massage and stretching. Popped a few Advil tonight, only had 6 tablets on the trip so far. I want to make sure I know how the body is doing with the miles.

I still weigh about 220 pounds and have been stable after quickly dropping 40 pounds early on. For the last two weeks or so, it seems I have gotten tired of eating a lot. It is weird, maybe I was eating too much. I feel good and have the energy to hike, just don’t want to eat large portions lately. My body looks a little different too. Leaned out for sure, my upper body has shrunk. No bench press records are going to be set anytime soon. Ha

13 thoughts on “Day 86

  1. Jessica, Chad, Dean and Ryan May 29, 2018 — 8:42 am

    Hmmmmm. This post reminds me of a scary movie you made me watch. Love the history and those flowers are really unique. I hope you got some good rest.


    1. But it was a movie for my birthday. I still remember how scared you were.


  2. Wow. Just looked at the location of Pine Grove Furnace SP on the map. Incredible to visualize how far you’ve gone already! Can’t believe you lost your spoon. Don’t let that happen again. 🙂
    We sure do love seeing all the pics and following you along on your journey. So beautiful and rocky where you are right now. Interesting about the appetite. I wonder if your body is just getting used to this and is becoming more efficient? Keep taking good care of yourself out there!

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  3. We had fun listening to your dad reading your blog, with us all around the camp fire at uncle Jim’s.


    1. Sorry it was not more exciting. Just does not seem campfire worthy, but thank you.


  4. Speaking of food, Dee asked about you and when you were coming back today in the cafeteria. I told her she would scarcely recognize you. I said I would find a photo and share with her next time I was down.

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    1. I look her age with my beard now…haha


  5. J, I think Beth is right, you’re getting to be very efficient at walking. no bench pressing on the trail, well, at least, not unless you find some willing friends out there. 🙂 I think we can get your appetite back with some great ethnic food here in St. Paul when you come back, I’m sure. Did you want to lose more weight? Do pushups, hahaha


    1. I need and crave great food with great friends like no other when I get back.

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      1. Well we can make that happen!


  6. More nice photos, J. I’ve been out east visiting our daughter’s family in MD. so now I have some catching up to do. Btw, I agree… your weight loss and hard work on the trail has just made your entire body a leaner, meaner hiking machine. You’re doing great!


    1. Nice hearing from you. I hope you had a great visit with her family! I remember you stated you were heading out to visit.

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