Day 87

How do I say this politely…ah the heck with that. Today was one long butt kicking day, as I hiked about 27 miles to Carlislie.

The trail was pretty nice today. It was as hot and sticky as a witches armpit, but on we go. There was a section on top of a rocky ridge that was a maze over and through large boulders. It was fun as a change of pace.

Later in the day, I crossed into baking hot farm fields. The crop smells and heat reminded me of corn detassiling as a kid. Ya, I do not miss those days.

As I entered Boiling Spring, passed by an iron furnace from the about 1762.

I decided to push on past Boling Springs for some reason. But not before getting a cold drink from a local convenience store. Then I hiked some more miles to the next town.

It was a short walk into town after getting there, but my legs would not move, so I stuck out my thumb. A super nice guy and Trail Angel picked me up. He left home early for work and he never does that, he said Alah sent him out to help me. It must be true as it was a remote road and nobody else would stop. We had a great conversation and I am confident we would be friends. He refused any money for the ride. He immigrated about 3 years ago from Somalia with his wife and kids. He hopes and I hope too that his parents will be able to join them some day very soon.

I went to bed way over tired. I did it to myself. I think keeping better control over some ambitions related to miles might be positive for the long run on the trail. Think marathon Pace Car, not on sprinting home. Haha

5 thoughts on “Day 87

  1. The flower pictures just keep getting better and better!


  2. I would consider the trail marker a joke through all the boulders, hope it didn’t last to long, but realize there are more where they came from. The flower picture is just beautiful, but guess you have many that could be framed.


  3. Another good day, J. I saw those rocks with the whit blaze disappearing over the top, and thought you were already at Katahdin… but I knew better! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I want to get there, just not that soon! Too much to enjoy yet. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You got that right! 😉


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