Day 88

Today was a hike from around Carlisle to Duncannon, PA of a distance around 18.5 miles.

Last night I was so tired I think I was lucky to get 4 hours of sleep. That is one of my reactions to being overtired.

The first part of the day was very flat. The second part had a few more hills and rocks, but some nice fields too. I felt like I was dragging a dead cow with me all day. The math shows I did my usually pace, the facts are the facts but I know what my experience was like.

For a number of miles, I could not drink any of the water as it was too contaminated from agricultural runoff. Further north the trail passes by a federal Superfund site where the water is not drinkable either. This too is a part of America and the trail. I don’t accept this as the way things have to be, but I will save my soapboxing for later.

Passed by Cove Mountain Shelter for lunch. It had a fun sign on it I thought I would share. I party everywhere. Haha

I also had a nice view of Duncanon from the ridge.

When I came into town I stopped at the 100 year old Doyle Hotel for a burger, it was good but I had to force it down. I ate today, but not very much. Also, had a bought of diarrhea for most of the day. I don’t mention that for humor, but as a fact of reality. I am well hydrated, but that situation can get you into trouble in the woods if you cannot maintain hydration. Just bring real, it’s not all romantic visions out here. I dare you to sleep tonight without dreaming about this…haha..sorry.

At the Doyle I was talking with the owner and some locals. Also a thru hiker named Pete who is a paramedic. We talked about my lack of appetite over the last two weeks, he was not concerned as long as I am hydrated like I am. He said he sometimes goes through the same thing on long hikes.

I am taking a few days off in Duncannon to rest at Red Carpet Inn. Some storms are scattered around, so good timing. The hotel used to be the last stop back in the day for hunters and trappers to enter the wilderness. This town used to have heavy industry and garment manufacturing when it was booming, times are sure different here. The people are being great to me here.

10 thoughts on “Day 88

  1. Jessica, Chad, Dean and Ryan May 30, 2018 — 9:49 pm

    Hang in there brother. You are over halfway. Take it easy and rest a little extra if you need to.


  2. Sorry you aren’t feeling so well. Makes for some difficulty and takes away from the enjoyment of this hike. Everything has its ups and downs.
    Too bad about the water situation. At least you got to see and drink the water of streams that mankind hadn’t ruined. It’s pure joy. Best drink in the world.
    Take care and get rejuvenated.


  3. Sounds like good timing for a couple days to recoup. Your pace and positivity are still incredibly admirable! Hope you enjoy the time in town.
    I enjoy the pictures and the narrative so much each day. Can’t wait to hear more details when you are back.
    Rest well, and carry on!

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  4. The sign at the shelter is very entertaining and the shots of the small towns are great, with the old buildings. Looks like you have some nice flat farm land to hike over, must be a good break from the mountains up and down. Enjoy your time off, give the dogs a good rest. It is great looking at the trail guide and seeing the miles ahead, less then those behind.


  5. We do so enjoy your writing, wonderful humor, and the beautiful pictures. Take care.


  6. Hey Jason, you might consider picking up a bit of vitamins on your next stop, or if you want i’ll mail you some! If you tell me where… you might just be a bit low on a few key minerals like iron and zinc (lack of red meat) and B and C vitamins (fresh veggies etc) since you’re eating a lot of processed, preserved stuff. a multi is ok, if you have one, at least to cover the big bases but it likely won’t have iron. maybe some good beef jerky is in order or spinach salad! (when you get to town). Anyway, keep an eye on it so you don’t end up in trouble, like you said. also, if you have access to it, try finding coconut oil, or stuff made with it. great energy food and good calories. good luck!

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  7. You amaze me, Jason. Nurture your body and spirit. Glad you get to rest a spell. Stay safe. Ann F

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  8. Get some rest and relax a bit, J. Hope you feel better soon. It’s no fun on the trail if you’re under the weather!


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